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    where is hirge?

    Yes,you are right but I'm saying this is a bug she disappeared and I don't think I chose wrong answers. I just want to ask that this is how this quest ends if you pick wrong answers. Hirge disappearing and no priest in temple. If this is what happens then i think this is a big punishment that...
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    where is hirge?

    As you can see I helped her in inori quest and that is enough for her to follow the player's character and I think she will follow you even if you don't initiate 3 vs 11 quest and you can still complete all remaining quests of the three without +10 reputation from this quest once you travel to...
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    where is hirge?

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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    After reading the Name I thought it will be like ps1 game alundra an action rpg but I think it will be my first turn based rpg...after playing exiled kingdoms i think anything David will create will be interesting and also because I want to see the old kingdom.
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    where is hirge?

    So in the quest 3 vs eleven near temple in New garand with hirge quest dialogue initiated but after that nothing happened no dialogue with governor and nothing in temple when talked to hirge she said same dialogue which she says after completing this quest after that when I changed companion I...
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    Testers' Feedback - May/June 2018 update.

    Re: Testers' Feedback - May 2018 update. Nice update with new content and hirge story. New dungeon is challenging even for high level players. With powerful mage skills arena is too easy -sleep at inn for 12 hours -Go to arena and summon iron golem...sit back and enjoy I think iron golem and...
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    Opinions wanted

    This new one is better. Especially colours and detail is better than the original and also if possible change the colour and sstyle of fonts in prologue,ending and 'Loading' (loading screen).
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    updated gear (spoilers)

    A complete list of New items... credit for this list goes to 'A Shady Traveller'
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    boots of balance (stability)

    necromancer in mercian royal crypt.
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    boots of balance (stability) ... oned_River
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    No bosses anymore.

    I faced this problem too,I played game for like 2 hours (real time) and there was no rumor, checked all taverns in game so in the end I went to rhoneis tavern checked there then travelled by boat to Kingsbridge to listen to the rumours...I spent almost 40 days(game time)drinking and travelling...
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    The collectionist

    I think if you have adaon as your companion he will disable the trap.
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    Lich rumor boss

    Only known areas where Lich appears Varsilia:kleyou tomb in northern bluemist river Ilmara: the abbey of Saint admus Mercia: nilorth cave in Zamohr mountains, deepsands cave in sydarun oasis wildlands:mausoleum
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    Best weapon for cleric with cold damage?

    Only found one weapon (icy maul)which is not a good weapon against powerful enemies. edit: Thuram update.
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    Automated Gloves ?

    :D :D appear in loot crates and sometimes dropped by battle droid.
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    Help: Grissendra Build

    companions grissenda hirge adaon
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    Potentially taking on the Ark tonight... Lvl 22 Ironman - Advice

    my build,level 25 warrior piece of cake :D :D