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    Unweakened undermother

    What traits should I get I currently have str 4+2 and everything else at 4 should I change it to beat the unweakened undermother?
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    Unweakened undermother

    1 handed have stun immunity and half par alysis time with shield level one of the spirit resistance no magical training
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    New upgrade

    Will david please let us know what the progress on the next update is it's basically mid July and even though he said that is "wildly optimistic " at least some info where it's holding will be greatly appreciated
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    Unweakened undermother

    Any strategies for defeating the unweakened undermother for level 20 warrior builds will be appreciated
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    Would like to become wiki editer account name the person
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    Player item and equipment ideas

    Please post level 20 warrior builds