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  1. carspollutebro

    should i pick up the pc port?

    anyway glad to have donated to this game, its a special game and having so much fun playing it on the phone. My pc purchase on steam is a donation
  2. carspollutebro

    Controller setup

    just checking if anyway has successfully played this game by controller? It seems very badly ported and limited, but i have always been a controller > mouse player and won't bother playing if this is the case. I tried experimenting and like you claim it is true there is no way to open loot...
  3. carspollutebro

    Recommended Controller 4 Android?

    just so you know i recently tested the controller on this it seems ported very badly... one issue i had there is no way to advance certain boxes, and no way to access your character screen with controller.
  4. carspollutebro

    should i pick up the pc port?

    i have tried this , using a phone and controller is not the most convenient because the phone itself has to be mounted or seated somewhere so it does not work. By the way i tried this game on pc the controller support is pretty bad, there is no way to open the character screen for example. It...
  5. carspollutebro

    should i pick up the pc port?

    Hi guys new bloke here. so, I have enjoyed the android version quite extensively. Hitting level 20 and completing about 74/90 quests with mage. 14 cleric also, 12 warrior. So im wondering how is the controller support on the pc ? Is it worth sacrificing my phone portability and flexibility...