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  1. Prs722

    The Undermother

    I killed the Flame Prophet a while back, but I've avoided talking to the Undermother because I want her to die as well. I plan to do a lot of slowing and running to recharge my stab (rogue) and to get the Undermother far enough away from my follower for them to respawn. I'm thinking of using...
  2. Prs722

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Looking forward to the new game, but I hope once it's complete you go back to updating Exiled Kingdoms. Would love to explore areas that haven't been created yet, along with a mage party member. I get this game is your main focus at the current time, but I don't want Exiled Kingdoms to be left...
  3. Prs722

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    New to this site, but not new to the land of Varannar. General: Lvl 23 Rogue 308 Health 24 Armor Traits: STR 4+1 END 4 AGI 6+2 INT 4 AWA 4+2 PER 3+2 Attack Stats: Damage 20-26 +6 frost +4 death Speed 12 Critical 6% (but plan on getting the advanced skill to boost) DPS 39.6 Effect Stun(5%)...