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  1. Mook

    Askatir mine ctd iPad 15.1

    On entering mine. I can’t find this mentioned before for this place. Turning audio off solved this. (Also happened to me in the MQ at the merchants house, which I did find in the forums)
  2. Mook

    How to? Soft traits for a hapless wanderer archer?

    Just saving up for it now :)
  3. Mook

    Bug Varannari random encounter blocking road

    The bridge at southern Bluemist leading to New Garand Farmlands too. We took a detour, eventually. :)
  4. Mook

    How to? Soft traits for a hapless wanderer archer?

    Hi. This is my first truly new open world game for me in years that I’m in for the long haul. I want to recapture that feeling, so I’m trying to keep a lot unknown. I am finding I am stumbling on to a lot during exploring and town, rumour and NPC quests. I use the wiki when thrice stuck, eg...
  5. Mook

    What does your forum user name mean?

    I used to play SW Galatic Battlegrounds with my kids, each in our own room. I always played Wookiee, built forts and flooded the map with Wookie berserkers. We mainly played co-op against AI. Anyhow, my team mates would call out “Here comes Mum’s Wookies”, which became the Mookies. “mook”...
  6. Mook

    Introduce yourself thread

    Hi. I’m Jo. I started playing NWN and H&D 2 and then GW 1 with my kids on Windows 98. First single player was Sacred1. All such special memories. For years the love of my life was ArmageddonMUD but then I retreated back to be a free of commitment single player. Nowadays it’s roleplaying Skyrim...