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  1. Paralelepipedo1234

    Creatures from the D&D universe in Exiled Kingdoms and Archaelund.

    It is more than clear that David's greatest inspiration for the creation of his two RPGs is the Dungeons and Dragons universe and some characteristics of other similar games. While not 100% the same as the board game and description of creatures in the monster book, the game shares many...
  2. Paralelepipedo1234

    How to defeat kalagru lvl 31 hell beast from the abyss.

    not exactly, the omelet heals 50% of your max health. The potions of lesser restoration restore 50% of your lost health, for example: if you have 100 health and you lose 10, if you use this potion you will only heal 5 health.
  3. Paralelepipedo1234

    How to defeat kalagru lvl 31 hell beast from the abyss.

    the scrolls are for the hirge. If you don't know, you can use any scroll that uses mana in the hirge, just select the menu with it and use it.
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    I don't think Syllara destroyed the Tolassians. According to the Nivarian library, she broke free when her former masters already they were falling apart and she still refused to help her companions and family who were still being oppressed. In this new update, we discover that the city of...
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    How to defeat kalagru lvl 31 hell beast from the abyss.

    Kalagru is immune to shock damage and high resistance against all other elements (fire, ice, poison, death etc), so it's not worth using the sword you're using or any other that deals elemental damage. He also doesn't deal elemental damage, it doesn't make sense to use any item that focuses on...
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    Ideas for futiure developement

    @DarthTomServo Better a postponed game than a poorly finished game, and it's even better if the development team is in good mental and emotional health. Are you really developing your own game? What will he be called?
  7. Paralelepipedo1234

    Post-Arena, Endgame Challenge Bosses

    This idea of the arena can stand if David adds the Minotaurs, Trolls or Decurion Deserter to the arena. Their drops would be the same as any normal enemy. Trolls would drop bonegrinder, troll skin and steel mace; The Minotaurs would drop the blesteel axes and horns; The Decurion Deserter could...
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    Post-Arena, Endgame Challenge Bosses

    @Streets ahead I do not think. Bishop's ring has a medium defense against death, and its +2 personality stat isn't very useful with warriors and rouges (unless you want to use it on a personality check). The item can be useful in the hands of a mage, but it shouldn't be better than the 42 mana...
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    Post-Arena, Endgame Challenge Bosses

    @Streets ahead The bishop ring is the best for clerics, but not so much for other classes. Also, I don't think he's worth more than a skill point.
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    Post-Arena, Endgame Challenge Bosses

    The idea sounds very good, but I believe it will hardly be added to the game for three reasons: 1- Some bosses have items that are very coveted by us players, such as the ring of unlife (the best ring in the game after the star traveler's ring), myrosian Leggings and Breastplate for warriors...
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    Innovative Dungeon Design

    One thing that intrigued me a lot about this game is how some dungeons have a creative design. One is shaped like a spiral, others have three floors, and recently we got a new dungeon that is split into three separate areas. I was wondering what new type of dungeon David could add in the future...
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    orb of galade bug?

    These orbs are quest items, and quest items cannot be discarded to prevent novice players from losing them. Sorry, but you'll have to stay with them forever.
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    NPCs with no purpose.

    Sorry if this comment bothered you or the developers in any way, it's just a suggestion of content and not a requirement, as I've always been intrigued by the potential these NPCs could have in the game but never had after so long. I'm also aware of the game's limitations, so much so that...
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    NPCs with no purpose.

    I know, this thread is just meant to remind David that these NPCs still exist. I bet the next update will add the two Mercian ports (and maybe the islands next to them), so the Praetor Rongae quest will probably be added, but the other two might not. 1623755566 it would be great if that area...
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    Ideas for futiure developement

    Molokot Our character already has a predefined lore between the events of Exiled Kingdoms and Archaelund (the new game that david is developing) and at no time is there any talk of an adventurer who single-handedly conquered one of the kingdoms to rule. This feature you are proposing is very...
  16. Paralelepipedo1234

    NPCs with no purpose.

    I've finished exiled kingdoms many times, but I've always noticed that there are many NPCs that were created to have a quest that was never added to the game. Examples include Elisse Urhad in rural New Garand, who never received her quest, Yamiba in sydarum, a slave who has the potential to be...
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    Using Golem to kill horror without taking a scratch

    é um item novo, é encontrado no templo dos adormecidos.
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    Bishop ring and reputation | OR | 11000 xp, ability point and talking with god?

    The skill point is much better than the ring, the use of this item is limited and the ark items are much better. +1 skill point is priceless.
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    Gostaria de dois companheiros no jogo,ao invés de apenas um!

    Isso poderia quebrar o jogo ou facilitá-lo demais. E por favor, quando fizer uma thread no forum, faça um comentario em inglês pois a grande maioria das pessoas que usam o forum são originais desse idioma.
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    Dragon skills

    The exiled kingdoms code is too limited to put a breath skill on dragons. The only thing David could do to put a resource like that is to replace the physical attack with a fireball like the imps.