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  1. DavidBVal

    Archaelund development update

    Don't you see the spell in the list? Oh, I forgot. It is invisible too.
  2. DavidBVal

    I need help killing the dimensional parasite

    Another common cause of frustration is the weapon of choice. What might have worked well for other enemies in the Ark (which are shock-vulnerable) might not be your best option here. Consider normal damage staff/wand, and Banishing if possible.
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    Change difficulty (up)

    Unfortunately, raising difficulty was not as easy because of the way it affected spawns, it would be too complicated and run into the risk of corrupting the saved games. The only way to raise difficulty is to start over, sorry.
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    for now, randomly rolled stats is not going to be an option in Early Access. I will revisit this idea later on ind evelopment. I just posted an update:
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    Archaelund development update

    Magic is here! Archaelund's Magic System has been functional for several months, but in the last weeks we have nearly finished the implementation of the spells that will be included in the Early Access release, as well as some other key features such as spell trainers. Careers grant access...
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Here's the state of things. I'm very close to having an internal alpha with every game mechanic working and enough content for about 12-15h of gameplay. I am trying to begin that internal test by the 15th, but I'm getting a little delayed. Once this internal alpha is tested for a few weeks and...
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    Can't Gain XP at Level 24

    Tap on your character Details button (Detalhes), note down the exact number of XP shown there (because in the yellow bar, it is rounded). Then kill some monsters and check again.
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    Screen flickering

    It's easy to solve. Just open youtube or other video app and watch a fullscreen video. You'll get an android one-time tutorial prompt telling you how to close fullscreen. Dismiss it, and it won't appear again in other apps including EK.
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    Archaelund update in exiled kingdoms(promotion)

    At this point I can't say, due to the little time I have. But it would be good, certainly, both to promote Archaelund and to provide updates for EK. At some point during the Early Access, likely near the end and close to the 1.0 Archaelund release, it would be more realistic than this year.
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    Full lore

    I really don't mind, but probably the third is the most logical, as twenty years is probably too long. I'll change the date (the timeline has already other minor alterations, I'll share a revised version soon) Well, kind of a semantic argument (what does "young" mean?). For me the point is...
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    Guide [Spoilers] Recipe for high reputation in all 4 kingdoms

    Often it's political maneuvers up-top against a rival military commander. Mercian legions are no longer following the imperial "enlisting" model that would be familiar to us, it has become a warrior-caste system in which a soldier's sons will one day become part of the same legion, and they...
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    Full lore

    Oversight on my part, I didn't remember I had written that 20-year reference in-game. This is what's on my mind and notes, which of course may be entirely inconsistent if I have made mistakes or forgotten game quotes. Hirge is 16 at the start of EK events, and a couple years older at 104 which...
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    Tabletop RPG anyone?

    One of my early memories of the mix of medieval fantasy and high tech is the Might&Magic RPG series, in particular M&M III - Isles of Terra. Sci-Fi comes only at the very end of a huge fantasy open-world experience, so I didn't see it coming (I had not played I and II). That has certainly been a...
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    Bug Game does not open

    Windows 11 is not the problem, many players use Windows 11. Please: -tell us the details about your system: OS, version, graphic card, screen resolution. -in the same folder where the game is installed, there is a file called init_log.txt ; please post its contents here.
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    They're all "Pantheon Priests" now, since the religion is unified. Tol's clergy still retains some autonomy but is officially part of the Pantheon religion.
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    Well, the game has over 3 million downloads so it's not really a "secret", but certainly forum activity is not what it used to be and all new players are welcome. Two main reasons for this: the wiki holds all the answers so there's little need to ask, and also it's not being actively developed...
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    New technical Beta of Exiled Kingdoms (no new content)

    Locking this thread since beta became public weeks ago already.
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    New technical Beta of Exiled Kingdoms (no new content)

    No changes have been done to controller support, at least no intentional changes. The core of the game controls was developed 8 years ago, when the options for controller support were very limited, and changing it now would be extremely problematic, I am afraid.
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    Bug de entrar com companheiro na Arca.

    off-topic, not support issue.
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    New technical Beta of Exiled Kingdoms (no new content)

    Unfortunately I can't do that since both Google and Apple are really strict when a violation of terms is denounced. Someone uploads an offensive portrait (nudity, hate, etc) and a screenshot gets to them, and they nuke us out of the store first and very likely never ask questions later.