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  1. SlothPrince

    Lag in attack due to Game mode Corner Detection

    This is mainly an FYI if this hasn't been brought up before yet. A quick search for corner detection didn't show this yet. But I'm far to lazy to dig more... I just got a new Motorola phone and the gametime mode that kicks in when the game loads seems to have an annoying option. I don't know if...
  2. SlothPrince

    Is there any possibility of a new game with the same mechanics?

    I'd pay $100 for the rest of the map in current app
  3. SlothPrince

    Mage Builds Poll

    Arcane knight
  4. SlothPrince

    Is death damage considered elemental damage?

    You're right. Just tested it and worked with out dealing the final blow. I wonder if that changed since initial release of that skill. I would have thought that was something I would have tested.
  5. SlothPrince

    New technical Beta of Exiled Kingdoms (no new content)

    1207 updated on mine. Red bug fixed for me. Thanks
  6. SlothPrince

    Beta: graphics turn red after a spike trap is on screen

    Just constant anytime a trap is found. Goes away as soon as the trap is triggered or disarmed. 1661725182 Oh and any of my characters and any dungeon. 1661726621 And android v11 4.19.157-perf+ #1 Sun Jul 3 11:45:30 CDT 2022 Moto One 5g Ace
  7. SlothPrince

    Beta: graphics turn red after a spike trap is on screen

    Mine started doing that too (red walls and some other objects like poison fog). Kinda cool though. on Android
  8. SlothPrince

    Missing User Interface

    Exit and close the app out then reload the app. Happens with my fonts and menus going haywire sometimes. Like right now everytime I find a spike trap things like walls are turning red. First time I've had that happen.
  9. SlothPrince

    New class: Witch

    Female mage... Just ask the sorting hat.
  10. SlothPrince

    Purple medallion

    No problem. You can find two more at the sleepers if you don't want to keep grinding looking for them in the chests.
  11. SlothPrince

    Purple medallion

    Keep checking all the chests. I've gotten it from a couple different ones. All you need is one really.
  12. SlothPrince

    How to get to Solliga?

    What version of the game do you have? IOS or Android?
  13. SlothPrince

    Orc's Kingdoms

    I hope you're wrong. Won't hold my breath though.
  14. SlothPrince

    Melee mage

    Body development skill, shield and plate armour will help a lot.
  15. SlothPrince

    D&D 5.0 of Exiled Kingdoms

    You will want to tag him to get his attention most likely @DavidBVal
  16. SlothPrince

    New Updates ?

    I would love to see at least one more update opening up the rest of the map to Freeport , Liberty, and the orc kingdom. If it takes a few years I'm good with that.
  17. SlothPrince

    New Updates ?

    Just twice?
  18. SlothPrince

    Magic barrier

    Mage barrier and arcane knight do not mix. It's annoying.
  19. SlothPrince

    Mages Weapons, poll

    Cleric joined to warrior's guild.
  20. SlothPrince

    Mages Weapons, poll

    Arcane knight has been extremely fun to play. Mine is no push over with cloak of the bear and body development maxed out. Add in the wisdom of the seas, thuramian plate, some +1 rings and damage is nicely reduced. Then with the force belt and automated gloves wielding blades like the queen's...