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    How to? Help

    The Wiki tells you EXACTLY where to find all the gear, including gear listed by damage, damage type, etc. So you should be able to find all you want in a few seconds.
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    How to? Help

    Wiki расскажет вам, где находится все снаряжение. Нет "лучшего". Несколько версий работают хорошо. Вы используете бесплатную/взломанную копию игры?
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    How to? How do I sell soul to Demonic Lawyer in Exiled Kingdoms?

    Você não pode vender sua alma, ou a alma de qualquer outra pessoa. E não, o Burro Invisível do Pântano também não pode ajudá-lo. Isso foi apenas um boato estranho na internet.
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    Exiled Kingdoms catalogue

    When in doubt, Wiki it out,
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    Exiled Kingdoms catalogue

    No one said otherwise? Best of luck on your project!
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    Exiled Kingdoms catalogue

    Here's a nifty idea that will save you a lot of work: Google Translate the Wiki Page.
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    Archaelund development update

    Where's my summon The INVISIBLE SWAP DONKEY spell???? Clearly, David the Developer doesn't think the customer is always right --- he's an old-school DM who thinks the PC's are better off dead. On a serious note, kudos for all the hard work. Looking forward to early access.
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    I need help killing the dimensional parasite

    What level? Are you a staff (2-H) mage, or a wand (1-H) mage? Do you have Summon skills, etc?
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    I need help killing the dimensional parasite

    Class, build, Difficulty Level, Character Level? General Advice: Scoring as many points as possible in the debate will help you gain allies in the fight (see Wiki for exact details). The Parasite is an Outside, so Banishment weapons do extra damage ( e.g. Adamantite set). Using top tier...
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    Deep-Shadow Reputation Weird

    Rather odd dialogue loop.
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    Does Ark of Lothasan end the game?

    There's only one ending that "ends" the game and it should be pretty obvious which choice you make to do that (it's also called the evil ending).
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    Help at Lothasan's Ark

    Yes, the so-called peaceful ending involves convincing everyone in the debate. The Wiki tells exact details. The Dimensional Parasite is an outsider, so Banishment weapons do extra damage. Anything and everything you can do to max out attack power helps as the creature keeps growing (till...
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    Help at Lothasan's Ark

    @Jose chs , @Kakost Fire Elementals do fairly well in the Ark. The death explosion heals them, and they are cheaper to resummon than Iron Golems. Obviosly, playing style and ability make a huge difference. The challenge with Ice Golems is the death explosion will kill them. So you'll have to...
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    Help at Lothasan's Ark

    Ark enemies are weak against lighting, so weapons that deal lightening damage will be helpful. Getting the Tesla Rod / Tesla Emitter as a drop in the Ark will help greatly. Note: The EMP ability of the Tesla weapons uses small batteries in your inventory. Won't use up batteries if you store...
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    How to? I cannot find a way to edit the wiki.

    There's a page that explains how to become a Wiki Editor. The Wiki is locked to address spam and bad actors -- a rather common aspect of game wiki's. The game has developed over years, so there are pages that are a bit outdated. Again, rather common trait among game wiki...
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    Content for ''high levels''

    The game ends. So yeah, the game ends.
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    5% lock bonus

    In the extreme early version of the game, the idea of locked doors, or locked chests, was considered as a game feature. It never made it into the game, but the language in the trait stayed in in case future content would include such items.
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    Games shuts down when I try to load

    That sounds like a phone issue? How's your memory on your phone (total free, and RAM?). Is there anythign speacil about your version of the game (where you got it, mod, etc?). Try deactivating the volume for your device and see if that helps. (and if it does, than that tends to me it's a RAM...
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    Spoilers How to find out about my past?

    There are two ways to find out about the charater's legay. Passing a trait check when talking to the ghost the last time he appears (when he tells you the Ashen Waste location), or doing a favor for the Undermother. If you can't do those two, than nope, you can't find out in-game. I think you...
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    Začátek mobilní hry

    Na těle je stříbrná dýka. Vlkodlaci jsou zraněni stříbrnými zbraněmi a ohněm. Pro čaroděje zaútočte hasičským štábem. Dejte stříbrnou zbraň Adaonovi.