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    best way to farm small diamond?

    in wiki don't show mobs who drop this gem
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    Help with my rogue

    So, now that I'm done with my warrior and mage, I'm trying to start with the rogue. but I'm having some problems with it, maybe because I'm doing something wrong, so I'd like to know if someone has some good build for the rogue or if it's something I'm going to have to get used to (in the sense...
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    How you makes money?

    I really like this place, the only problem is that it is a bit far from new anthur, maybe afterwards it gets better because of the maps that may have below
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    drop by rumor boss

    "Ancient Tolassian Tome (1%)" every boss of rumor has 1% chance every time to drop tolassian tome? and when you drop, no has limit to do that one more time?
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    How you makes money?

    basically tell me where you made money to depend on the level it was: -level 5: -level 10: -level 15: -level 20 or more:
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    lag on battle text

    since yesterday the battle texts that appear above the character have had a bit of "lag", rising more slowly as if it had fewer frames. my device is a motorola moto G5s plus, I will try to restart the game and even reinstall, but everything was unsuccessful. Has anyone ever had this same type...
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    Sewer of Horrors access to next area after quest completed (spoiler alert) (false alarm)

    Re: Sewer of Horrors access to next area after quest completed (spoiler alert) I'm with the same doubt and I have not gone back to the sewers so
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    Defend the outpost quest error

    I really want Body Development, but because of this, i can't get :s
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    Defend the outpost quest error

    I'm stuck in this quest because when I went through the outpost, the people who were there died because of the werewolves who were following me. Besides, sergeant morgh can not train me for the skills he's stuck in talking about the quest. Can someone help me solve this problem? (sorry for...