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    Weapons for the cleric class

    So im starting a new cleric tell me what weapon shall i have in my hands in this levels : lvl 1_5... lvl 5_10....lvl 10_15....lvl15_20
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    When The Wiki Will be finally updated?

    Ive stopped playing because im waiting for the wiki to get updated so i can find out what i have to do in new areas
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    The Ancient Seal Bug

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    MAGE CHALLENGE: Arcane Knight Zealot

    ROGUE challenge plz
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    Rogue skill points

    Hey guys this is my rogue skill points is it good or i shall reset it ? 1621876161 And what skiils to get next 1621876171 Lvl 13 rogue
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    [Spoilers] About new update (Varannari)

    Um i have went full aggresive with varannari so i guess i have to make a new charachter.....
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    [Spoilers] About new update (Varannari)

    Since wiki isnt updated yet i have a few questions 1:what happens if you kill daughter of varnnar leaders 2: how do i become firendly or trusted since there is no town hall quest?
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    Holy Cleric / Double Cleric.

    What Weapon to use for ark if you are a cleric?
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    Holy Cleric / Double Cleric.

    Just Use the mana pots you get at the sunken citadel
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    Beta Feedback thread for update 1.3

    I havent played beta but can we have some type of town hall quest to increase our reputaiton because not everyone have gone full varannari friendly
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    About rogue build

    is it going well and first i shall go assassinate or other skills? Mod Note: Deleted several screen shots. Try to be mindful of using excessive screen shots in a post.
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    About 1.3

    Yesssss thats an awsome news thanks😀
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    2-h warrior help

    Just max out 2h mastery and then go for other skills the damage bonus it gives at ealry game helps alot
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    2-h warrior help

    in the early levels go for icicle in level 8 by saving the actor in world is a stage 1620621215 Or if you are a 2h warrior the go for wild thunder (really high dps for an early to mid game weapon) in great inori 1620621253 And fury is a must for ark in my opinion
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    About 1.3

    Are there any new armors for rogues ?
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    A guide to a (hopefully) better rogue

    Sure ill go for hirge and lvl 10 is good for farming deadwood i guess 1620443533 And i have an other question is deadwood better for farming for rogues or freetown outlaws
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    A guide to a (hopefully) better rogue

    Hi i just started my first rogue and i want somewhere to farm im doing coyote farm but its so bad and low gold and exp gain here is my level and etc
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    Ark was a big fail......

    english classes are cancelled for about a year and i havent sudied it for long and have forgotten some of it so sorry if i bothered you
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    1.3 release date

    Thanks VDX
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    1.3 release date

    Anyone knows apporximatly when it comes?