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  1. Kakost

    Question about "Bloodlust"

    You can only have 8 adv skills however. That takes away one spot. I wouldnt recommend Bloodlust anyway, not because it's bad, but because there's many things better
  2. Kakost

    Wand of Power discussion

    Indeed. Late game (lvl 20+), big amounts of gold are easy to come by. Arcanist, Gate and Mana Surge are convenience skills, and take A LOT of points to develop. Arcanist and Gate also take slots on your special skills, which you could substitute for something else. For Gate, just buy 100...
  3. Kakost

    Mist Bow. What a let down.

    I believe the Beastmaster skill havent been added to the wiki yet. You learn it from the Varanni enclave to the far northeast, and it's a pretty high lvl area 1680032639 Too bad not many things are vulnerable to poison, and plenty are resistant or immune, but yes, Jester's bow is still pretty...
  4. Kakost

    Cute Iron Golem

    Oh, the big guy is always the everybody's favorite. One small tip: if you start the summoning of the big guy right before clicking on an inn or a bed in order to sleep, the summoning will actually only occur AFTER you slept, so you can save the rather substantial mana it takes to summon it...
  5. Kakost

    What are the best items for magicians?

    The ideal very early is to rush to New Garand at lvl 2, particularly if you're Mage. Get 1 lvl of Zap and the first two guards wont offer any trouble at all, and the Unkown Dungeon will be super easy, far easier than later on, and you'll begin the game at lvl 3 with outstanding items for the lvl...
  6. Kakost

    Mid Game Mage

    Well, I got a few levels and a few items and the abbey became super easy haha. But I gotta say, summoner has been a struggle for me, because late game the golem gets less powerful, and you have to keep re-summoning it all the time. If you're finding it too hard, take a look at the wiki on...
  7. Kakost

    What are the best items for magicians?

    I always recommend staff, especially for late game. The Wand's push can be problematic sometimes, making it a bit harder to position yourself (180 degrees behind Griss), and many bosses are immune to it. It's also easy to push Int to 8+ at late game, making the damage from Staves ro far out...
  8. Kakost

    Heeeelp ( please )

    It doesnt have any order, as long as you activate the 3 correct ones
  9. Kakost

    Tabletop RPG anyone?

    From Snes I played a lot FFVII with emulators on a PC, my favorite, but 3 is also pretty good. A table top for total newbies, I would recommend Vampire the Masquerade. The system is super easy to understand. Gurps is very, very simple - once you understand it, and once you understand it as a...
  10. Kakost

    Poderia ficar em lamentar o exiled kingdoms pq o game e perfeito

    Cara, eu falo português e não entendi nada do que você falou kkkk
  11. Kakost


    Entrega a coroa pro Bispo ou pro proprio Tol, ou deixa o daninho de vez em qdo
  12. Kakost

    Member of Church but not able to get into Hall of Wisdom

    I believe you still need 40 rep with Ilmara regardless
  13. Kakost

    2-Handed vs 1-Hand & Shield

    Id say that for clerics, 2H is probably better. That's for clerics exclusively, since they have a lot of leeway into not getting killed just by anyone. I think that the entire discussion between 1h-shield vs 2h is totally valid for warriors, and in that case it is absolutely a matter of player...
  14. Kakost

    Turn Undead in Forbidden Pit

    The answer is yes, it gives a full +6. Those bonuses stack 1677957467 Yes, shadows are Undead. And Outsiders too. Shadows are basically unliving creatures from the plane of Death or something. They ARE affected by weapons that deal extra bonus to Undead as well as for weapons that deal extra...
  15. Kakost

    Varannari reputation

    Porque te da acesso a quests e items unicos que voce nao tem acesso de outras formas. Alem disso, é o certo a se fazer :) 1677957012 I dont remember being that hard to get the necessary Var rep for all that they have to offer. I just remembered that I never gave a gift to Ruud, that was one of...
  16. Kakost

    Quando vão lansar atualização ao reino exilados?

    Provavelmente nao terao mais, o jogo esta completo e o criador esta criando um novo jogo que é tipo uma sequencia, quer dizer, é no mesmo mundo mas com outra história, ele disse que no maximo o EK vai ter um ou outro ajuste mas dificilmente novas atualizações. Se tu entender ingles tem o topico...
  17. Kakost

    Full lore

    Hmmm... Calm down friend. Nobody implied that americans are either ignorant (I wouldnt call the people who landed on the Moon and that invented the internet as ignorant under any circumstances) nor did I imply that americans are ignorant. It was just a joke. When americans say "oh, he's 6 feet...
  18. Kakost

    Rogue's kick skill not working properly on archer rogue. Bug or game mechanic?

    You have to "step in" the critter for it to work - you need to be very very close. It's rather annoying truly, so with archer it's a bit harder to do. Move one step on the direction of the enemy before using it
  19. Kakost

    Question about Vampiric Blade

    When you put skill points on Vampiric Blade, does the life steal side of the ability only work if you're using a death meele weapon? Or does it get triggered by staves and wands too? And what if I also get Arcane Blade, would an elemental melee weapon also give the life steal? Or is it...
  20. Kakost

    Unofficial thread for cool names for Warrior builds

    Swashbuckler is the most straightforward I could think But a viable Monk... Oh that would absolutely incredible. Magical training is the most D&D Rogue ever, an awesome concept for them. It would be nice to have violins or flutes to play "Bard" (even thou they suck nevertheless)