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    New to the game. Have a question about a good first build to use?

    Warriors are fun in this game. Blood Thirster is more end game but gain skills that will help you get to where you would like to be. Like Dave said you can always redistribute and try again if it’s not working for you. Have fun and grind on
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    The Sacred Weapons

    Found sacred items! I believe they are at sanctuary peak. Head toward irossa or that castle inside the mountains, but follow the water that’s at the edge of map east thru the trees. Inside the tree line are a mob of giants with a leader at the end, kill him for items. I turned in claymore and...
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    I sure hope his next game is somewhat similar to ek, I loved this game, and if so maybe he could use any of these idea’s ( rebirth function and or character builds to base skills/ spells/ equiment and no set class)
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    I played a game similar to this on the pc back in the 90’s, it made players choose stats to create different classes and be able to use gear/skills. I know that idea at this point would be almost impossible to implement but a game+/ rebirth maybe. Would make starting over easier on the pallet...
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    First let me start this off by saying, great game and wonderful job by everyone on the wiki and this forum. Your post helped me thru the harder areas of the game and progress my berserker warrior to the end, or as far as the game allows us to go to. Now for the real topic, just an idea really...