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  1. Alan_SP

    Archaelund development update

    About translation of EK in Chinese, there was idea that it would be available, but there were problems with script and other technical details that prevented translation in non-latin scripts. So, sadly, there will not be EK in Chinese. :(
  2. Alan_SP

    Turkish language support in computer version

    Huh, I think it might be some kind of oversight. Maybe @DavidBVal could tell more about it.
  3. Alan_SP


    I would like to add that developer would really want to update his game on all available platforms if it is possible. EK is on latest version on all other platforms, except Apple one. It's obvious whos fault is this. Developer did try to do everything to make EK available on Apple platform...
  4. Alan_SP

    Is it possible to reshuffle the items that bosses drop?

    Sorry, I had to do it:
  5. Alan_SP

    Bug Game does not open

    I'm not sure why not having init file would crash game, but as it's first error in log, let's try to use simplest approach and manually create file. :D
  6. Alan_SP

    Bug Game does not open

    This is content of my init.ini file: height=1080 width=1920 fullscreen=1 Just create file init.ini and copy and paste what I have posted above in it. Then tell us if the game will work after that.
  7. Alan_SP

    I got my character's back but..

    You might be looking at different way of selling EK, about which you can read here: Exiled Kingdoms now also available as "premium" App in Play Store. But, if you own license in original, first way of selling EK, you don't have to purchase it again in this new way. This is just different way of...
  8. Alan_SP

    Problem with the version IOS

    Developer is trying to get EK working on iOS, but it obviously isn't easy and so far there's no success.
  9. Alan_SP

    Sprite of weapons, armor, etc...

    Everything can be found in credits: Exiled Kingdoms - Credits When I say "everything", I mean everything publicly available.
  10. Alan_SP

    End Game feels unbalanced (The Undergrove, Forbidden Pit, etc.)

    The Support forum is mainly for bugs in game, not how to play. And, I like your post, it obviously means you like the game a lot. They just tried to show you there are other ways to play. Believe me, I wonder how some people manage to do things they do with EK. I usually just ... fail and get...
  11. Alan_SP

    Traduction française !

    Oh, I checked, you're right, we don't have French translation. :(
  12. Alan_SP

    Traduction française !

    It does have French translation. I don't know how well it is, but it was a community endeavor: EK Translation - We need your help, again!
  13. Alan_SP

    My little "Adventure" in Real Life (it happened yesterday)

    Roy Sullivan was struck 7 times by lightning and survived (and did died from own hand, ie wasn't killed by 8th one), so, yes, there's some competition out there...
  14. Alan_SP

    Move license from android to IOS

    You did asked in a right place, and developer can read all content of this forum, so, contacting developer is done. But, Google (Alphabet or something, not sure how they are called now) and Apple are two different companies, they don't share anything, they are just in similar business when it...
  15. Alan_SP

    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    There's no direct link, but @MikeB is administrator who can create account for you. It's done as a protection against hordes of spammers that are on internet...
  16. Alan_SP

    Exiled Kingdoms part II -in is there a way?

    There's also one thing you can do, that might help EK2 (not Archaelund) become reality. Spread the word everywhere you know there are people who like RPG, so more people buy, so David see how many people like (and buy) EK.
  17. Alan_SP

    QA / Testing inquires

    But, we do have occasional beta testing available to public, so anyone can join and I'm sure that similar situation will be with next project. So, you can stick around, play game and report if you find any bugs, all help is very welcome.
  18. Alan_SP

    Make exiled kingdom great again!

    That's understandable. But, you do suggest a lot of things that would be a whole new game. Maybe it would be a good news to you that developer is working on a new game. At the moment it will be PC only.
  19. Alan_SP

    Offer of help with EK translating

    Thank you for your offer. We have official thread for translation: EK Translation - We need your help, again! At the moment work on translation is closed, even if we are aware of some bad translations. :(
  20. Alan_SP

    Bug My game won't open

    I think that developer @DavidBVal might know something about it. It looks like windows 11 incompatibility, or drivers problem, but I really don't know. :(