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  1. Ipalalien

    How to? Emeralds and priestess

    No you cant
  2. Ipalalien

    How to? Emeralds and priestess

    You have to choose what ring do you want, and you cannot have more than 1 ring. Im pretty sure you can buy exp as many times you want as long you have the emeralds
  3. Ipalalien

    Do i need magical training?

    My End is on 4 point already because i play in ironman mode. Im gonna get body development
  4. Ipalalien

    Do i need magical training?

    Yeah i think im gonna learn it and i must combine it with body development so i didn't die quickly 1625718474 Yeah i wanna know too
  5. Ipalalien

    Do i need magical training?

    I playing rogue but i want to deal damage and be able to support grissenda, I want to use restoration scroll with rogue, if i need the skill what level i have to go?
  6. Ipalalien

    Need help with rogue

    But assasinate ia good thou, i fight rumor bosses and it trigger 4 time a row it makes the boss die Quicker
  7. Ipalalien

    Need help with rogue

    I choose the general skill for detecting trap because in mid game the detection chance is low, and it cost cheaper than rogue trap skill.
  8. Ipalalien

    Need help with rogue

    Yeah i know i just want a reference you know, for those using rogue. Im playing very careful with iron man i even get the general skill for traps and secret. 1625156614 Rogue archer is feel a little bit weird for me. I want to use rogue for stab people in the back and deal highest damage in the...
  9. Ipalalien

    Does anyone here playing D&D style choice game?

    Is a game that based on decision, the story itself is good. The wizard story and the rogue one is my favorite
  10. Ipalalien

    [Bug] Temple of Blood: Can't cleanse fountains

    Yeah i Completed call of the blood week ago with my mage, i have no problem doing it
  11. Ipalalien

    Need help with rogue

    Oh yeah i forgot to mention that i have that weapon i use it on grissenda for troll gold farm 1625072936 Lighting dirk and devourer sting will be good combo, i should get that weapon.
  12. Ipalalien

    Need help with rogue

    Yoo guys can you help me with rogue build im level 13 in ironman mode and my weapon it just 2, troll cleaver and icicle, im using dirk as offhand weapon bluesteel dirk and flame dirk. Any idea with weapon build? i like to try the stun lock weapon but i dont know what it is
  13. Ipalalien

    About time for Ironman

    Yeah i die 2 times too with traps in tombs, but now i learn general skill dungeonering for the traps. Its fun to play in iron man because you have to play carefully take you time and it exciting because when you face and enemies, you gotta think twice if wanna fight them. Not like you play in...
  14. Ipalalien

    About time for Ironman

    First of all, Really love with this Game And I Love Everything about it. When i play this game for the first time, Im using Warrior And Play in normal Difficulty,And i make a mistake in the early game so Im Not Completed All Quest. In my warrior playthrough, I defeated All the boss Except...
  15. Ipalalien

    Sewer of horror

    I wonder this staircase lead to, folcarad said that under the icemist there is place that so ancient and abandon long ago. Maybe under the icemist underlevel there is something big over there maybe a kingdom or something else.
  16. Ipalalien

    What is considered as an animal or semi animal in the game?

    Animal is like wolf, mirmek, bear, mamba and semi-animals is like minotaur, ursan, werewolf and many more
  17. Ipalalien

    Spoiler' item

    I thought that there is no item better than the mino king crown for mage so i never get the quest completed but since the new update i fought those new enemy in undergrove and got probably the new best head item for Mage
  18. Ipalalien

    Question about Vampiric Blade

    Vampiric BLADE. No its only for Melee weapon
  19. Ipalalien

    My mage farming route (lvl 83, video)

    Thanks man i will try to find it
  20. Ipalalien

    About Companion

    I can only wish if the companion Get 2 trait point and 2 Skill Point like us when leveled up. And it doesn't have to be every single level, but certain level like level 5,10,15,20. So i can pick more skill for my companion.