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  1. Atomos

    Jester's bow or Composite bow? Which is best?

    Jesters bow is good if your enemy can be stunned ;)
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    Guide [Spoilers] Recipe for high reputation in all 4 kingdoms

    Paying fines raises your reputation to -5. In Ilmara and Thuram there are quests that first lower your reputation, and raise it back up after successful completion, which could be used to nullify your negative reputation. See points: 5, 6, 7 for Thuram, and points: 15, 16, 17, 18 for Ilmara...
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    Uloženi pozice hry

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    Ilmaran signet ring issue

    That wasn't quest sensitive item, so you get no warning for dropping it. If you had free slot after the last conversation in the desert, you'll most likely be sad man :(
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    Icemist under levels

    3rd ruby is hidden in some tricky location, keep looking everywhere you can ;)
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    Update ideas

    Tip for you: 1. Make a new character, choose Cleric class 2. Finish Three versus Eleven quest 3. Learn the Guardian Wolf advanced skill 4. Get to Icemist 5. Learn the Summoner skill Congratulations! You have gained a wolf 🐺 companion, that you can summon, level up, and give elemental damage...
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    My little "Adventure" in Real Life (it happened yesterday)

    You've almost been... thunderstuck! Looks like Bon Scott needs an accountant. Just don't emit too much poison clouds when you finally get there ;x
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    Is there any benefit to having a high Mercian reputation?

    Fines in Mercia and Ilmara are a minor inconvenience, since you can pay them whenever you feel like it. You just need to be careful not to reach that -20 rep. Getting 26,4k for Thuram trick is a damn chore. It's bearable just because Thuram is a high level area, and you can do it later in the...
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    Recommended Equipment for IM Assassin Rogue?

    Give that shield to Hirge, she's better with this stuff than any rogue will ever be ;). Rogues can focus on Evasion, hit&run tactics, and maybe Magical training to raise your companion in case she can't chug the potion fast enough ;)
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    Trapped in Sewer of Horrors

    What's the difficulty you're playing on? What's holding you trapped? If you have a quick save from outside the dungeon available, you can press the yellow folder next to your character, when you're choosing which game you want to continue
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    Recommended Equipment for IM Assassin Rogue?

    Goggled helmet (can be substituted with Greater tiara of the heavens) Kevlar vest Automated gloves Force belt Leggings of Shadows
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    Recommended Equipment for IM Assassin Rogue?

    Personally I liked all the equipment with high elemental resistances, because rogues can't use heavy shields and armors (Assasins set is the best you can get pre ark). Ivory ring, Ring of the Bull, Ilmaran signet ring, Nivarian cloak, Tiara of the heavens, Abbots ring, Oasis ring and all similar...
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    Snake gang

    At this point I believe you can kiss that quest and the black shard goodbye 🙋. It's not a game over though, the entire thing is optional and you can get substitute items for the ones you won't be getting here ;)
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    Is there any benefit to having a high Mercian reputation?

    ...and kill a potential next Saint Admus in the process? Legionaire Gnulbam who shared a non poisoned drink with you? Very noble of you 👏
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    Is there any benefit to having a high Mercian reputation?

    -20 and below makes you a wanted criminal. Sydaryun and Jabal use both reputation of the town and kingdom to determine if they like you or not. Other than that, there's no benefit to good reputation, other than bragging rights on the forum (I got 72 in Mercia AND 49 with the Varannari btw ;x )
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    What would you say to surprise someone who knows nearly every detail about the game

    During Don't shoot the messenger quest, Rolf Erhar sends you to thugs, who have the same names, as buttholes that harrased David at school ;)
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    Knight Warrior (Roleplay) Build

    Something like this? That was my first character on normal difficulty. Basically nothing can kill you as long as you have a healer, and some extra healing scrolls just in case. Putting down strong enemies, such as Ancient guardians can be a chore, Flurry helps a lot here, it's not on the list...
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    Bear traps near Kingsbridge

    Enemies scale up to a certain limit, and that's great, but in case of traps there's no limit, and I can't imagine some incompetent grunt setting those up. Advanced devices require expertise and frequent maintenance, and in case of Kingsbridge, there's noone like that in this area! The question...
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    Underpowered Bash skill used by enemies

    It's another variation of this: bash skill bug Many enemies who use the Bash skill, also possess shields, so they should stun for 1 second longer, but this doesn't work like that, and they don't get that bonus. The problem concerns the following: Orc Warrior Orc Elite Skeleton warrior Soldier...