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  1. Alan_SP

    Avatars gallery for you to choose your bright new avatars

    We enabled some preloaded avatar images for you to choose from. You just need to go and change your avatar. Click on your name anywhere you see it, then click on "edit" over avatar, then choose one avatar you like. Or, upload your own, if you prefer so.
  2. Alan_SP

    Forum is upgraded from phpBB to XenForo - please report if you have any problems here

    As you can see, we are now on new forum software, which some of you maybe recognize as XenForo. Before we used phpBB, but XenForo is in our opinion more superior forum software, with many new options that phpBB as a free software doesn't have. Maybe most important is full mobile support. In...
  3. Alan_SP

    Quest description/messages history

    From reading this comment on Steam, I get this idea that can be useful, if it is not that hard to implement. In short, as quest progresses, we have new and new text. But, some information may be useful, or may be just nice for us to be able to reread them again. So, maybe that each quest has...
  4. Alan_SP

    Freeing Adaon, experience received isn't shown in battle log.

    When freeing Adaon for first time, I see I received some experience, but it isn't shown in battle log. Little thing, but just to mention...
  5. Alan_SP

    Thanking posts - Quick and easy way to thank members for useful posts

    Now you can thank posts of other users by clicking thanks link in lower right part of users's posts: You also can later change your mind and remove your thanks if you want so. Extension ranks best posts and you can see which posts received most thanks. Also you can see recent thanks. You can...
  6. Alan_SP

    Posting images on EK forum using image hosting websites

    We prefer and appreciate if you use third party image hosting websites to store your images and post them here using img BBcode. In this way we save precious server space. Also, you don't have problems with limited attachment size as many images are pretty big. Choose one of your favorite image...
  7. Alan_SP

    Google Play description of the game

    David, just wanted to point out that now EK has Casual level and that many people complain and rate game lower because there's no saving in dungeons and regeneration. But, now they can have that and this is not explained in game description on Google Play. It would be good to change a bit game...
  8. Alan_SP

    About forum - new functions and enhancements for better user experience

    I think that some things could be added to forum. First is announcements. I see you use built in function, global threads that are visible in every forum, but there is better system in my opinion. This extension: ... uncements/ It basically works like...
  9. Alan_SP

    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    Thread to report small typos in game, if you notice them. It doesn't affect function of the game, but why not correct them. I noticed one related with Detection I (on Sentient ring): "tetect" instead detect.
  10. Alan_SP

    How to get information on what happened in game (see video)

    Well, I saw this video, and located time position, so you can see what I mean: ... How to get that information? :?: It seems useful, sometimes (too often) in action I tend to look to other things and I miss some text info I'd like to see. And...
  11. Alan_SP

    Magical vaults interface redesign suggestion

    First of all, having so much vault space is great. But, I would like if interface would be a bit different. So, let's start from beginning. 1. I would leave basic vault management things as they were till now. That means, when you don't have vault at all, you can buy only first one for 1000...
  12. Alan_SP

    Spoilers - Town Hall Quests Bug (or not?)

    I'll email backup of position before I completed second Town Hall quest. Thing is, I took two TH quests, this may be the reason why I had problems with quest. I couldn't complete second quest I took. First quest I took was (you can see it in saved game, sent with email) about finding ring, it...
  13. Alan_SP

    Using new save option

    Now with new save system (10 character slots, 3 save slots per character plus one autosave) we need to confirm if we want to use this slot for saving. Is it possible that we have an option if we want to use this confirmation or not? I would choose not to confirm each time, just to save. Maybe...
  14. Alan_SP

    [FIXED] Safe bet quest - bug in dialog?

    I think this is the name of the quest, the one related to bringing minotaur's horn. After I first talked to person who gives quest I returned and talked with him again. I think his answer was different than first time I approached him, but my options were the same. Like I don't have this quest...
  15. Alan_SP

    Small bug with quest in Oasis?

    Maybe it isn't bug, but in other quests when I made some progress I was notified that something changed in journal and journal had updated text. This behavior doesn't look like intended, or it is? It would be good to know if all nests are destroyed, so I know that this quest is done. Also...
  16. Alan_SP

    Really great game, just wanted to say that!

    Well, I didn't know where to wrote this message, so I choose this place. I saw your game and it looks really great. Hope there soon be planned versions for other platforms (PC especially) and continue great work.