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  1. Just noob

    Add EK to play pass

    I will be brief, are you planning to add the game to the google play pass?
  2. Just noob

    passing the game without quests

    It's been a couple days since my last thread... I'm very glad I got it all figured out. The game is indeed classified as a hardcore RPG. And every action of the player should be considered straight from the start of the game. Even in my case, it cannot be said that the "constipation" of the...
  3. Just noob

    Need help with character development game

    Hello everyone, as the title of the topic implies, I don’t know what to do in the game, my robber reached level 9 in 11 hours of play, and I completed 27 quests, I still have 30 to complete, but I don’t know how. I want to invest 4 free skill points in an advanced skill, but I can't find a guild...
  4. Just noob

    Lava and dodge

    Hello, I did not find a similar topic in the search, so I decided to write it myself. The rogue's "dodge" skill ignores lava damage, is this a bug or was it intended by the developers?