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  1. VDX_360

    Bug Like father like son quest

    Yes! It takes 12 in-game hours (9 real minutes) for the maps to reload on their own. So if you visit a map, than leave the map to trigger a quest, you sometimes will get back to the map before it reload with the quest triggered.
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    Exiled Kingdoms now also available as "premium" App in Play Store.

    @nikkoqrz , It is unlikely v1.3 will be released for Apple anytime soon. That has to do with compatibility issues with Apple. A lot of independent developers are being pushed out of Apple. Apple calls security enhancements, but a lot of the issues go well beyond security issues. One could be...
  3. VDX_360

    Bug Like father like son quest

    Per the Changelog, Solliga and related quests were added with v1.3.1166. Thus, Apple players don't have access to it. Someone can double check me on this.
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    Bug Like father like son quest

    Did you read over the requirements to trigger the quest ( Read Here ). If you completed Head Hunting, and talked to Azeran, than it could be a map loading error. Staying at an inn should solve the issue. Lastly, what device are you on? I know Apple has v1.2 or something, so it's a major update...
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    Lost on the map

    The Wiki is the best source for basic questions such as where to find, buy or acquire certain items.
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    Companion AI Oddity: Walking into non-walkable campfire?

    Chalk this up as one more Companion AI oddity. Companions will walk into campfires that the Player can't touch. If the player walks past the star location on the map, the Companion will try to follow, but someone get hit by the campfire. Player is not hurt. So, does that mean the Companion is...
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    Radnice města

    Podle snímku obrazovky máte verzi v.1.2.1121. To nezahrnuje nejnovější oblasti.
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    Radnice města

    To nezahrnuje nejnovější aktualizace. Je to problém společnosti Apple, nikoli vývojáře.
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    Centurian Lesane

    @Bellente , a bit of a necro post from five years ago, but I see it's on topic. So the game has changed over the last five years, include a melee boost to damage for all classes. When you first come across the Centurions, they are much harder than other enemies. That's by design. They're...
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    Yes. All major builds have made it through the game without a Companion. There are predictable challenges with the reduce fighting ability. Using good fighting tactics to separate groups into smaller groups will hep a lot. Use those corners, doorways, and aggro-distrance to an advantage...
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    Radnice města

    Vidíte na této mapě číslo čtyři? Jdi tam.
  12. VDX_360

    Radnice města

    Je tam mapa. Použijte mapu. Jakou verzi hry používáte? Město možná není ve vaší verzi?
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    Radnice města

    Přečtěte si Wiki. Použijte mapu.
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    How to? Optimal level to join the Wizards Guild

    What do you mean by Melee Spell Caster? Do you mean Arcane Knight using the skill Arcane Blade or Vampiric Blade? There's no real benefit to pushing to get to Icemist too soon as you still need to build up your character's skill and trait base. So really anytime in the mid-game should do well...
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    Is exiled kingdoms still updating maps?

    Exiled Kingdom is done for the foreseeable future. The Developer is focusing on his current project, Archaelund.
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    I found the Developer's Onlyfans.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    What happens in the swap, stays in the swamp.
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    Good grinding spots

    There's already a few threads dedicated to The Best Grinding Spots. They all tend to boil down to the same general ideas. Lots of tombs = more loot to steel. Lots of enemies = more XP Looking for a certain item = use the Wiki to find where it drops.
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    "gossip bonus" corresponds with reputation

    The game could keep the rumor aspect, but toss the gossip mechanic. Go into inn, buy drinks for people, get updated on all the rumors.
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    I found the Developer's Onlyfans.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I was not prepared to actually find his Onlyfans account. I need eye bleach. The things David the Developer does to keep funding his projects....
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    "gossip bonus" corresponds with reputation

    I would rather see the entire gossip mechanic tossed.