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  1. DavidBVal

    I can't export my saved gamae

    Do other games allow you to log in to Google Play Games? you may try to reinstall the Google Play Games app. I see you have explored that folder and the file is not seen, but have you used the search function, typed on file name "ek.bak" to see if it exists anywhere on your device? Maybe it's...
  2. DavidBVal

    Не могу загрузить персонажа из облака.

    No save is found, so are you sure you used this same menu window to perform a cloud save in the past? That message means no saved data exists. It is never deleted, only overwritten. You can verify if there is data from the game on your google account by using Google Takeout.
  3. DavidBVal

    Version not compatible for download to iPad

    Sorry but you need minimum an A7 processor with iOS 8.1 or newer (basically 2013 devices or newer)
  4. DavidBVal

    I can't export my saved gamae

    What android device (brand and model) are you using? is that an official Android version, or a custom one? (cyanogen, etc)? If you get that message, then the file must exist. Try using the Search function for ek.bak
  5. DavidBVal

    Character resetting after entering dungeons

    Can I see a secreenshot of your character, pre-reset and post-reset?
  6. DavidBVal

    Little fanart i made.

    That's actually pretty good. Thanks for sharing!
  7. DavidBVal

    do companion skills all work?

    Retribution was bugged years ago, but it should work. Adaon will try to disarm traps if his chance of success is 65% or higher.
  8. DavidBVal


    When on the PC game you open the "Import & Export" window, it tells you the exact location where you must place the file. It's not enough that it's somewhere in your computer, the game will look for it in that exact folder. The location is displayed in blue text. Have you copied the file to...
  9. DavidBVal

    Problem with trader Nibdam

    Just sleep at the inn. This was a very old post, if the problem persists please open a new one explaining your problem.
  10. DavidBVal

    Bug whit sword soneto

    Vaya, pues que raro que no me haya dado cuenta. Luego lo reviso, gracias. Dime también qué móvil tienes por favor, si no es molestia.
  11. DavidBVal

    Bug whit sword soneto

    Please, tell me what is the language showing the issue.
  12. DavidBVal

    Bug whit sword soneto

    usually that is a problem with translation, please tell me what language it is so I shorten the description. as a workaround you can either switch to english temporarily or use a quickslot to equip it.
  13. DavidBVal

    What is the the max limit for gold, when resetting?

    It keeps increasing.
  14. DavidBVal

    Freetown Arena Glitch

    Are you already outside, on town?
  15. DavidBVal

    Forum Rules! (few and simple)

    A clarification regarding this: Many people wonder why, maybe thinking I "hate cheaters" or something. The reason is far more mundane; I have absolutely no problem with you folks editing files you own for whatever purpose you find fun, but I realized nearly half of the support work I had to...
  16. DavidBVal

    About the Feedback subforum

    Recently I saw a post asking about enabling modding for the game; I see the moderators removed it, as it's against the rules. However, I'd like to offer an official explanation on why EK doesn't have a Workshop or allows to create user content, since it's a good question. Actually the idea was...
  17. DavidBVal

    Restore purchase

    This topic covers too many different issues (multiplatform license, reactivation after uninstall...) so it can be more confusing than useful. It's better that you reach me directly, this thread will be locked. If your license is not being detected, please email to [email protected] and...
  18. DavidBVal

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Don't worry, those colored tiles are provisional and won't be there in the final game.
  19. DavidBVal

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Safe dungeon crawling!
  20. DavidBVal

    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Goblin and Varannari party members. Here are the full-body versions: Planned playable races are Human, Varannari, Minotaur, Batrax, Goblin, Quartzan, Rexadon. The last two didn't appear in EK.