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  1. stonedwolf

    1-Hand or 2-Hand Sword?

    Even the highest-pull bows, with bodkin arrows, do not penetrate full plate. Some great youtube demonstrations on it. Lesser armors, including chain, were vulnerable to them though.
  2. stonedwolf

    Best 1h warrior weapon?

    For reference to the original poster, Spirit Breaker is Light, Spirit Cleaver is 2H, Paladin's Longsword Hand. For Adaon, if he's your companion, Silver Bow of Malan and Sonnet are the shadow-&-void-busting tools for him.
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    New Areas

    Verão 3022
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    Best 1h warrior weapon?

    Depends who you are fighting. The Void Lord is weak against Spirit so Paladin's Longsword is the tool for that job. Nanocarbon Sword does more damage and Electricity damage, Shadow Blade is second in power and does Death damage, in third place is Melporth's Sword dealing Toxic damage. The thing...
  5. stonedwolf

    Raising Thuram Rep?

    I'd love a few Icemist Townhall quests (the only Kingdom without any) not for Rep but just for fun but there aren't any and that's that.
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    Is Exiled Kingdoms Undervalued?

    Pay to win is an abomination when it's, as you say, online, or when the essential, or just fun, mechanics are hidden behind a paywall. Some games are fun to mod, be it make them easier or make them more difficult. IMO this would just be more streamlined. I mean, who cares if Adaon, or your...
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    Is Exiled Kingdoms Undervalued?

    I would love David to let us pay $5 for a high-loadout version of the game: weapons, armor, skill and stat books and other goodies in the various chests (Tower, Houses, Townhall) just so we could have a bit of variety and crazy fun in this game should we want. It'd give David some income and...
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    Rogue Archer help pls

    Evasion is a god-tier Skill. Someone did a good write-up of an Archer build but they got a bit spammy in the forums so I put them on mute but if you use the search you'll find it.
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    What's your favorite character??

    I was always disappointment Legionnaire Gnulbam didn't get more lines of dialogue.
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    A small thanks to the developers

    Game IS finished though. Yes we'd all love more content, indefinitely, but the game is most certainly finished.
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    wish id found the forum before joining warriors guild as a rogue. ark is hard lol

    I didn't suggest Duel as the Wikipedia states Rogues cannot learn it.
  12. stonedwolf

    wish id found the forum before joining warriors guild as a rogue. ark is hard lol

    If you're having trouble with zzap dmg then you can always get shock-resistant kit for those areas: Ring of Isolation & Abbot's Ring (25 each), Tiara of the Heavens (20), Gloves of Luck (8), Kevlar Vest (20), Leggings of Shadows (15). That's over 120. I'm not saying use them all but still, you...
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    wish id found the forum before joining warriors guild as a rogue. ark is hard lol

    The only upside for you joining the Warrior's Guild is HEAVYHAND so at least get that & maxed. And Max Flurry ASAP and the critical Skills (Precision Strikes, Massive Critical). You'll also be needing Body Development. You have Evasion too, right?
  14. stonedwolf

    Somewhat new player looking for some tips

    No, Light weapons SAY "Light" on them, but for reference they are Daggers, Shortswords, and Hammers. Hand weapons are Axe, Longsword, Mace. 2-Handed weapons are Greataxe, Greatsword, and Maul. For "sword & board" (weapon & shield) builds you can build a reasonable Warrior using Light weapons...
  15. stonedwolf

    Build Advice - 2H Warrior

    The mainly & only reason for 1H is Infantry Training. If you want to go Light (or 2H) then just snag the Amulet of Dark Whispers (or spend 7 skill points getting Battle Rage). You might also want to experiment with a Hatchet (later, Tarand's Hatchet) instead of a shield and see if you like...
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    Low Level Grind or Advance Main Quest

    The SE corner of Trollfens has a corpse with a nice free green hat (Forest Chain Coif). You don't have to face Trolls but you do have to be able to defeat a few Swamp Scavengers. PS, which part of the Inori (there is no "South Inori") has the Iron Shield? Which tile, which area of it?
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    Askatir Mine=gold farm??

    You can but it won't be very much fun.
  18. stonedwolf

    Low Level Grind or Advance Main Quest

    Do side-quests and townhall quests and you shouldn't need to grind too much.
  19. stonedwolf

    Don't ya just hate this? (NPC blocking path)

    Warriors have something that helps.
  20. stonedwolf

    Askatir Mine=gold farm??

    A big difference is you can grind Lamth "legitimately" but to farm north Crimson Hills or a Vorator lair does help if you use the quicksave/quickload out of the area.