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  1. amirberner

    peaceful ending [spoiler]

    after checking it again, you can't. it's not only that you don't get the +1 for saying I'm a muudari, you also get a -1 for saying I'm a human (only two options there, say I'm a human or attack) so at the end you get to 8 and the magistrate activates the portal. oh well, next run I'll do it...
  2. amirberner

    peaceful ending [spoiler]

    how? I have two possibilities, one is to say "I'm just a human..." which is minus 1 point, which brings me to 8, the other option is to attack...
  3. amirberner

    peaceful ending [spoiler]

    hi, is there a way to reach a peaceful ending without knowing you are muddari?
  4. amirberner

    goggled helmet

    hi, where can I find a goggled helmet in the main level of the ark? I don't see any crate or creature that has it