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    Carrion Lord bug and end game comment

    1) If you died after Beating the Carrion lord and your save load was before fighting him, he *should* have been alive. Did you double check to make sure there wasn't an auto-save that occurred after beating him? Also, do you have a save file from a different save point (back-up, auto...
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    Leveling phase Advices?

    Glad your question got answered. Locking thread.
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    peaceful ending [spoiler]

    1) Is the Pointy Tool in your backpack, or your bag of holding? It needs to be in your backpack (holding items are treated as not in your inventory). 2) Are you going to the correct medical bay? It should be rather difficult to go to the wrong one, but just to error on clarity. It should be the...
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    Leveling phase Advices?

    A bit of necro post but it's atleast following the discussion. To have a Companion use any scroll, potion, etc, you as the player must open their inventory screen (Just like you would to equip them). In the inventory screen (your backpack, their equipment), any potions used from your backpack...
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    1-Hand or 2-Hand Sword?

    Yes, it's a well known historical fact that platemail could stop most blows from most melee and range weapons. It's why nobles wore it. On that same note, fire arrows really weren't used that often in real life, and when they were used, really weren't that effective. BUT, in game physics, the...
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    1-Hand or 2-Hand Sword?

    Q: What do archers call a warrior without a shield? A: Target practice. "Wooden planks are to a shield what ugly wrenches are to a one-night stand." Anonymous Warriors Guild member.
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    1-Hand or 2-Hand Sword?

    That's not "a simple question" as the original post tittle suggests :-) For warriors, the age-old question is the extra damage of a 2-H weapon, or the better defense with using a 1-H weapon with a shield. Neither is a clear winner, which is part of the game being balanced. It really comes down...
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    peaceful ending [spoiler]

    I'm very fuzzy on the exact questions, but I think you have to know the truth about yourself in order to get the peaceful ending. You don't need to know to get help with the final boss, but that still involves a fight ???? Looking at the Wiki for the Quest.:
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    Little fanart i made.

    Gris with a double bladed axe.... opens doors for her. Both as a weapons expert and literally opening doors. Who needs a gentleman when you got a Minotaur sized axe?
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    Best 1h warrior weapon?

    For clarity, are you asking what 1-H warrior weapon is better, in general -- or -- what 1-H weapon is better against the Void Lord? Here's the Wiki list for longswords. Here's the Wiki page for the Void Lord. The Void Lord is an undead, outside that's only weakness is Spirit Damage. Thus you...
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    Undermother strategy/tips? (spoilers I guess)

    Best Advice: If you want the Undermother's Shard, go for the weakened way. That's the designed plot way. If you want to kill the Unweakened Undermother, skip her shard till you're much stronger. But, if you're committed to the idea of killing the Unweakened Undermother for her shard, than pack...
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    How to kill The Abbot (Cursed Abbey Quest) (spoilers!)

    No worries. It's Players vs. Developer Dave. (He really does want to kill off all our Characters.)
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    Medipack Farming?

    Have you gone done to the reactor room, yet? If you're able to make it through that area, you'll find some equipment that's helpful for melee characters, plus you have a chance to earn a bonus skill point and progress the plot. See Wiki for more. If you'd rather stay on the main floor, than try...
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    goggled helmet

    The Goggled Helmet has a low chance (~5%?) to drop in a Arc chest. So it's a matter of Random Drop. You might have to run the Arc level a few times to get it, or the other Arc items. Note: You're better served by clearing the main floor, hoping down to the Reactor, than back up again to re-set...
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    How to kill The Abbot (Cursed Abbey Quest) (spoilers!)

    Yes! It's not uncommon for people to get snagged at that exact point. If you read the book BEFORE you talk to the demon, you don't get much from it. But when you read it AFTER talking to the demon, your character has some idea of what he/she is looking to find in the book. Maybe the wording can...
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    do companion skills all work?

    Adaon's preferred method of disarming a trap is to step on it (technically, rendering it safe). Too low of a set point for Adaon's trap attempt results in abuse of the Companion, or him dying when he has no chance of succuss right when you need him to be fighting. Too high, means he's rather...
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    Arc respec??

    Sounds like a plan. And for clarity, Good, or Evil ending isn't much a factor in how you build your mage as the traits tend to be high enough. But, going for the combat ending rather than the peaceful ending would require you to be able to fight a certain end game entity. That might impact your...
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    Is Exiled Kingdoms Undervalued?

    First, be mindful of the forum rules that prohibits discussing Exiled Kingdoms' pricing / begging for discounts. Given the ongoing COVID-19 challenge, I've had way too much time indoors. That's resulted in a -cough- few -cough- game purchases, including a few in the $40 to $60 (US dollar)...
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    Arc respec??

    What Level? Build Preference? (Wand, Staff, etc?) Are you going for the Good or Evil ending? You seem to be familiar with the Arc area, so it's not a spoiler to say have high shock resist, and be able to do high shock damage. Arc gear can be quite helpful in that regards. Mage Armour / Mage...
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    Gossip not working properly

    For reference, the original poster's problem was a possible error in how a Gossip bonus was stacking from the Ring of the Trader. The original poster did not clarify how the issue was fixed, so it's not known if it was a simple matter or re-equipping something, a miscalculation or an actual...