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    The Secrets of The Exiled Kingdoms

    In this Topic,you can share your questions about EK's lore that is hidden secrecy.Here we can connect the dots and reveal the truth and uncover secrets.EK's Developer knows how to hide secrets,so one or two men are not enough to do this activity. We need the whole EK Community To start,i'll...
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    Dungeons And Dragons Players,Pathfinder Players,and other TableTop Roleplaying Gamers...

    What are your Experiences in Pen and Paper Games that you want to share with fellow players and to those who are unfamiliar to the subject? What are you to say to those who do not play DnD,Pathfinder or other TTRGs? If it did,regardless of aspect/s,in what way did this TTRG change you or your...
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    Got Bored After The Ending | Dimensional Parasite Extermination Not Rewarding

    The Game got Boring and Stuff Since I get to Complete all The other Quests before The Ark of Lothasan (Orbs of Galade Being an Exception) There's Pretty Much Nothing to Do.I Know The Next Updates will have Thuram and It's Quests (Also The New Multiplayer Update Is Soon to Arrive!I'm Excited) I...
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    Orbs of Galade Problem;Glitch Maybe?

    There are two Orbs to Find right?One from the Spider and One from the Renegade Minotaur.I can't seem to Find the Renegade Minotaur in the Eaxact same Place where he should be!You know?The Bloody Chest Room from the He Doesn't Seem to Spawn no matter how long i Wait in the Town of Jabal.
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    Is it Possible to Change the Protagonist's Name?

    Is it Possible to Change the Protagonist's Name?That would be VERY Cool.Like go to Town Halls or Guilds or some stuff like that you can ask them t o change the character's name.
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    Farming Places [Labeled by Level 1 - 90]

    Care to Share the Places of Where you Farm to Level up or to Get more Gold?We would Love to!Label them with Minimum Level Required to Enter the Dungeon or Map!Also Share a Link to the Area Map! Just Like This:"*Name of Area*-*Minimum Level Required*-*Link to Area Map*" Ex:"Kleyou Tomb-Level...
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    Can you Consider making In-Game Cheats for the Game?

    Since we bought the Game why won't we just have Full Access to All of The Features? I would love to have Cheats the same as Skyrim.You know?Putting in Item Codes and The Quantity and Stuff?Because sometimes we Become Desperate or Bored and Some of Us might quit playing and say .I know i...