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    suggestion for Easter egg..

    How about somewhere in game, a "cameo" of David himself, slaving away at working on EK development (think Stan Lee style). I could see stumbling across a hidden cave somewhere, finding David, and getting a prize trinket. Any thoughts?
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    Yay! Arena access, sweet!

    Glad to have the arena open, hope to see a bit of streamlining in the equip/re-equip actions.
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    Mage crashes at the inn

    My mage character seems to crash the game when I try to sleep at inns, I went to different towns, then tried with my other characters. Seems like it's only the mage that does this, no apparent problems with other classes.
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    Skills not trainable

    I wanted to redistribute some skill points, and add a few new ones, but for some reason, the game is showing that I don't have the cash, even though I have more than enough. I also meet all other requirements to do so, but the GP button just stays gray. Is this a glitch, or am I missing...
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    New wep/quest for Friguld?

    This came to me several weeks ago, actually, and would fit right in with the Pirates of Friguld, though actually coding the weapon might be a challenge. How about a (limited) rapid fire crossbow with abilities against undead? Maybe a quest, based around a pirate of old called Eduard Skullyn (get...
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    shooting through walls/doors

    Thought I saw somewhere that this issue was resolved, I find I am able to get arrows through solid objects at times. Most other issues I have noticed so far are already either addressed, or reported. David is really staying on top of these things, and if things keep going this way, there will be...
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    no love for the archer, and other initial thoughts

    New configuration of the attack button basically renders rapid fire skill useless, especially for us old timers with arthritic fingers. I also had a crash trying to access the vault via the blue spheres, New areas/quests definitely have me intrigued, hopefully I don't need to retrain away from...
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    Is a stipend in order here?

    So, taking over the docks on New Garand by intimidating poor Barfat and crew, shouldn't that result in a small regular stipend to collect? I don't mean any significant amount of goods or gold, but it feels like that's where that whole hostile takeover scene should have ended, for character...
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    'Sokay, I was gonna walk anyways

    I have a decent reputation in Rhoneis +15 friendly, but Boatman Narrim isn't buying it, he tells me I need a more friendly demeanor, or no ride. I figure, either he is hitting on me, or this is a minor bug. Either way, guess I'll be walking from here. Edit: Ok, looks like when I rolled back to...
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    On companions, present and future

    Hirge, Gris, and Adaon, good to have around. Are they able to train advanced skills? If so, how's that done? With the mage class coming in the future, does that mean another companion available? And, will we get more backstory, there are hints on the history of the 3 we have, would be...
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    Item vanished after reloading game, but second time it was back again

    Took my composite bow to see how it matched up against a dragon, and was killed, and wound up back at last save point (just before battle) and my bow was gone! I have noticed similar issues, chalked it up to carelessness selling items, but this was in the middle of nowhere, so I could not have...
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    Scammer in New Anthur?

    Someone needs to investigate Brother Iagus, or at least alert the royal guard. It seems a bit convenient his altar is right inside the city gates, with hostile, biting beasties in force out side the town. I suspect the good brother is actually in collusion with the local wildlife in a money...
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    Bow collecting

    I am really liking the bows in EK, and have collected all but the troll Hunter, (still looking to find that one), It's really tough to pick a favorite, as the best bow really depends on the job, but I seem to gravitate towards the jester's bow, with the right skills, it packs a hella punch. So...
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    Theses traps are killing me!

    Complete noob here, and this is only my second post to the forums. I first have to say, like most others, this game is pretty damn awesome, so thank you, developers, I can't wait for the final touches Having said that, I do have an issues​, the traps, and one in particular, not that they are too...
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    missing skill button

    Hi, new to the game, great so far. My favorite character is my rogue, stealth mode has me all over the map, but I noticed there is no skill button for trap master, (I am at lvl. 2) so no way to set traps. Any way to get the button to appear, maybe some skill shuffle option I may have missed?