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  1. Morpheus

    My build (Way too mediocre)

  2. Morpheus

    Need help with Zealots? I gotchu, bruh

    All you have to do is lure lots and and kill one in the crowd, the fire will kill the rest of them and it will create a chain effect, quick and easy.
  3. Morpheus

    Ashen Wastes/Cape tricks

    Ok, tips for the ashen wastes/cape will be here. 1. Get the strange hood for Bappalasar Cave immediately. From the secret door with 2 dragons. You can just grab n run. 2. Avoid the Ash at ALL COSTS. Especially if you don't have Anti-Rad attribute. No-hitting Sans would be easier than actually...
  4. Morpheus

    What are the holy visions about exactly? (1st - 5th)

    Literally the title