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  1. Lawfer

    What does your forum user name mean?

    Lawfer is a character in Valkyrie Profile JRPG game for ps1/psp. (Amazing game). The game explore aspects of Norse mythology with all this amazing art and story telling that only Tri-Ace and Enix could make up in the 90's. Lawfer is a halberd wielding knight with a strong sense of justice that...
  2. Lawfer

    Hirge -1 trait point

    Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification! Love the game and lore!
  3. Lawfer

    Hirge -1 trait point

    Hello all! Pretty much the title. I created a normal game a couple of days ago and today I finished Hirge quest to enable her as a companion. When I recruited Hirge in New Garand, she is level 6 but her trait points are negative. For traits her distribution is: 2 1 1 1 0 3 Which seems to be in...