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  1. p4ran0id

    Magisters true nature

    Was work of @Necromancer at discord, but so amazing so I have to share it here. No wonder all forsaken are crazy
  2. p4ran0id

    Happy holidays

    I wish everyone merry Christmas. Thx a lot for such a great community here. Hope it will continue once Archaelund is published. All of you are great and thx for the help here every day
  3. p4ran0id

    Bug or feature?

    got this from discord, the guy is going for a crazy competition so he doesn't do any quests, and he can infinite kill mirmeks.
  4. p4ran0id

    happy new year everyone

    let's hope the next year is better that the last one 😏
  5. p4ran0id

    Art competition

    There is a small art competition, maybe someone here would like to join it. Rules are very simple, so have fun to join it, deadline is next Sunday 😉 Ps: I think I'll win, that's perfect one, invisible Swamp donkey in a snow storm 😜
  6. p4ran0id

    ACM publications for free next 3 months! That are science publications and normally very expensive. Now for free. Use it to teach yourself as long as available! I would literally kill someone back than during my time at university for that. 👀
  7. p4ran0id

    Free games at epicstore

    I'll put it now in one topic and update it every week, feel free to get it or ignore it. All you need is an epic account, that's all, my library is already bigger than time to play all of that They will continue with that, every week will be a free game you can get. This week (till next...
  8. p4ran0id

    Happy holidays @all

    Wish all of you a nice time with family and friends.
  9. p4ran0id

    Epicstore free games till 1. January

    Epicstore gives every day one free games till 1. January (not f2p). All you need is an account, it's not spam or similar, I use it for very long and have bunch of nice games for free, no need to give credit cards or adress to them, simple account with email is enough ;) Today is that one for...
  10. p4ran0id

    Christmas time :lol: Ps: it's not my Video, but it's awesome so I uploaded it to YouTube to share (only available through link, so there should be no ads and I won't get any money from that masterpiece)
  11. p4ran0id

    Rayman legends for free @epicstore

    Awesome game and this week for free ... gends/home
  12. p4ran0id

    Idea for a little competition

    Killing forsaken on Ironman ;) That should be the ultimate challenge. Anyone like to join that? :lol:
  13. p4ran0id

    How many tries do I need for Ironman Archer?

    Time to start a new Ironman run, that time with a more difficult character. So I chose Rogue archer build. What do you think, how many tries will it take? Ps: my first try ended with lvl 5 thanks to a trap.
  14. p4ran0id

    XP grinding for high level

    Found a nice combination for my Ironman mage. It's really effective and save. Use sunken citadel and ark, you can have an endless run without risking too much and not losing 12h for an inn. It's less effective than icemist underlevels or ark (main floor and reactor room), but it's way more...
  15. p4ran0id

    Batman arkham collection @epic 4 free! ... lang=en-US ... an-trilogy Do it, that's really an amazing offer. Completely free, all you need is an account 3 games arkham and 3 Lego batman, both for free but needs separate purchase. Just awesome...
  16. p4ran0id


    When was EK published first time? Maybe we should celebrate the birthday of that masterpiece every year (in forum) :lol:
  17. p4ran0id

    Ironman mage finished

    Finally did it, all quests including unweakened undermother on Ironman with a mage :cool: Over 53h, 5 times reskilled (last one was only for undermother), lost my ankh and was more than once nearly at heart attack, but I finally did that... XD Ps: and it was lucky number seven, took...
  18. p4ran0id

    The true double summoner

    Praise your Lord! 8-) I have no idea how I did it, I was in trollfens and I accidentally called the iron golem so I clicked on fire golem and somehow now I have both XD
  19. p4ran0id

    Brother Ladan's Holy Symbol

    Is it normal, that I can't get rid of that after finishing the quest? I can't neither sell nor drop that.
  20. p4ran0id

    The lost kingdom

    The quest can't be finished if you kill the King and remains in your Journal. It should be at least deleted from journal after killing the minotaur king.