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  1. MC Chris

    Next update

    Man I want some more content for this game so bad! There still parts of the map that are listed as names of the map like towns and whatnot that you can't go to yet so I sit and think and getting my head about it because this game is so awesome and there is proof of more areas on the map that are...
  2. MC Chris

    How do I become a tester

    So they will continue to update this game, right? there's parts of the map that aren't accessible so that tells me the at least had plans to add more
  3. MC Chris

    How do I become a tester

    How do you know there will be an eventual update, which I do see parts of the mat that are towns that you can go to yet so yeah but I hope they recent contact for soon I guess I must still sign up to be a tester just because I like the game that much and maybe in the future it's not a well but...
  4. MC Chris

    How do I become a tester

    I really like to do that timken point me in the right direction to put in application or however you go about doing it please and thank you so much