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    Dark Presence

    Does Dark Presence spawn again in forbidden pit? Or its 1 time killin mini boses??
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    Companion dont gain TRAIT point after level up.

    Hello everyone. I play as cleric right now and after killin minotaur at maze my companion(Hirga) level up to 7 level, gain 1 skill point but dont gain trait point. WTF Does this happen to anyone? Offtop Meet old bug when enemy push u throw the wall.
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    Adaon - Sevens House Boss???

    Hi guys. I got out of prison under New Garand with Adaon, and he told me that he have some business in sewers. And as we know 7s house boss is not in the town sooooo. Give me your version guys.
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    Star Wars Ep. 8 The Last Jedi

    I see it today in the morning and its #*@^#^ AWSOME :lol: Best film in a franchise. Wanna know what u guys think) P.S.. im a big fan of SW.
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    Colored Armor

    Hi David. Did u planned make different type of collor for armor? Like green forest chainmail armor or yellow Legion, purple Myrosian, dark grey Ashen and ect.? I think it's be very cool.
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    Spend 250k in Hall of Wisdom)

    Finally I farm more than 250k and buy last(I think so) Lore vision in Hall of Wisdom in Nivarian. And finally I know some about the sequel of Exiled Kingdoms) Thank you David for such amazing adventure we all have. PS. Sorry for my English)
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    Strange snow texture in Wyvern Mountain's.

    In North Sagar Forest snow is cool but in Wyvern mountains not only I have square texture. Will it be fix?? Ps. Sorry for my Eng)