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    What do you think of my mage build?

    I comlete all game as a mage without summon skills.
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    My Take on the Companion Update of Grissenda and Adaon [BIG SPOILER]

    After this update i think Hirge my new favorite companion. Duel, Heavy Hand, Heal and use ur character as tank its OP.
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    Dark Presence

    Does Dark Presence spawn again in forbidden pit? Or its 1 time killin mini boses??
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    Freetown Arena

    Does club turn into unique weapon or just add fire damage?
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    Helms / Hoods not showing with this update.

    Why Tolossian Chain Coif dont shows? I was think it should have same texture like Chain Coif? Whats prob? Edit. Same with Turamian helm and Hood of the Hermit. Mage be mire cool if high level hood be visible
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    Companion dont gain TRAIT point after level up.

    Hello everyone. I play as cleric right now and after killin minotaur at maze my companion(Hirga) level up to 7 level, gain 1 skill point but dont gain trait point. WTF Does this happen to anyone? Offtop Meet old bug when enemy push u throw the wall.
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    Player Weapon/Armor Ideas

    Lol its like not a hero but bookworm.
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Its just my real name.
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    NEW ITEMS (There's so few items in the whole game)

    Lol And what u do with this tins of items??? Game already have soo much items. With Arkh equipment u dont need other items.
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    *Language: Russian *Location of the problem: Translate of "Staff of the Dead Kings" *Wrong text: "Посох Мёртвый Королей" *Suggested resolution: "Посох Мёртвых Королей"
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    [SPOILER] Tol Ascending

    I mean if we have magic we can do almost what we wonna.
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    [SPOILER] Tol Ascending

    I dont think so. We know that all Muudari in ark crush and die. Other who use save capsule, live in Andoria. Man we have magic in this world, why someone cant become godlike without technologies? Also dont forget about eleven. Tol says they become ascension. Like he. So I think there are some...
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    [SPOILER] Tol Ascending

    I think Tol more elder than The Three. He was lives thousands years ago. And Three, I think they become gods it colonisation time 100 years ago, and destory Orogg Witches. Varanari were slaves of Tolassians after Tol dissapear . But its can be only reference.
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    What rpg android games do you play besides exiled kingdoms?

    I have GP version. But in facebook page developer said that he still make a game u can read all news here
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    Adaon - Sevens House Boss???

    Maybe he just dont won't u know it. And why u think Adaon cant enter in Seventh house shelter?? Did u see him trying enter?? I dont. U need to find coin to enter but i dont think Adaon need this to enter. This is what i think.
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    Anyone else lagging when using skills?

    Hi when I tap on "Traits" button icons appear only in 5-7 seconds.
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    Adaon - Sevens House Boss???

    Hi guys. I got out of prison under New Garand with Adaon, and he told me that he have some business in sewers. And as we know 7s house boss is not in the town sooooo. Give me your version guys.
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    *Language: Russian *Location of problem: quest "The Lost Knowledge" *Wrong text: grammar error - " под названием 'Око Тол' " Suggested: replace with - " под названием 'Око Тола' "