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  1. Commiades

    Arcane Knight Help

    I've just got a mage intended to be an Arcane Knight through the necessary quest. Mindful of a comment by P4ran0id that it's a high level build I didn't hurry this and am now level 16. I've tried it out with Arcane Blade and Combustion maxxed and then with these dropped a little so I could...
  2. Commiades

    Fury Build

    I'm experimenting with a Fury Warrior build. I know it's all easier if you take Hirge, but she spoils sitting in the fury zone and getting +65% to your damage. Making this work has raised a number of issues: It gets expensive staying in the zone -- you need to consume healing potions to stay...
  3. Commiades

    Smoke Bomb

    I'm experimenting with rogue builds. I'd like to get Smoke Bomb, but I struggle to see when I can acquire it. The cost is so steep. What if the requirement was only Stealth II. Who uses Smoke Bomb and what level do you get it normally?
  4. Commiades

    Melee Rogue Skill Priorities

    I've recently discovered how devastating Sneak Attacks can be for a rogue. On the current play-through I took it to III ahead of nearly every skill (besides Stab and Evasion, which I do very early). And it's been well worth it -- at Level 18 on hard I got through the Pit and then took out the...
  5. Commiades


    Is Godslayer listed in the wiki for Temple of the Sleepers actually the Fiendish Dagger?
  6. Commiades

    Hunter's Equipment

    I've started a new melee rogue who's now level 15. She got the Hunter's Armour at about level 13 (not too hard) and the Hunter's Machete at level 14 (a tough fight with Grissenda as companion) and now has the Hunter's Leggings (not too tough, surprisingly). She should probably pick up Beast...
  7. Commiades

    Arcane Knight and Precision Strikes

    Will the Mage get to learn Precision Strikes? It makes the Arcane Knight build a bit wonky without it.
  8. Commiades

    Feedback on New Advanced Mage Skills

    I have not tried to create an Arcane Knight, but I have started a new wand mage, and have used Combustion I and Death Cloud I since I got them around level 14 (it was a tough fight to get them). Combustion is a bit of fun, but can be dangerous -- I walk into a crowd to use it, but don't always...
  9. Commiades

    The Ancient Seal Bug

    Brother Tarlus didn't spawn at the seal, and I was trapped there!
  10. Commiades

    The Economics of Healing

    I know it's possible to get through using health potions, but it's so much cheaper with Hirge, or as a Cleric. Deepfrost Cognac is 8 times cheaper than the most cost effective healing potions (assuming Heal Wounds III) and a Mana Potion is 6 times more efficient. Rogues and Mages can avoid...
  11. Commiades

    Rogue's Weapon Choice for the Ark

    I'm curious what weapons people choose for melee rogues when they go into the Ark. Some require making choices that have costs, particularly the Lightning Falchion, which forces the player to forgo loot, in particular two Tolassian Tomes (one in the Bank and one in the Mercian Royal Crypts).
  12. Commiades

    Sneak Attack

    If you can get flanking working effectively this skill is really valuable; I've tended to only invest 1 point in it and then not utilise it to its fullest extent. I've tried to flank around a companion tank, but often found I'm running round in circles to little effect: the target shifts to...
  13. Commiades


    I really enjoy using Stealth with rogues, but I find it becomes obsolete as you go further. I'd like to get Smoke Bomb, but I've never felt the cost can be justified -- too many other skills seem more useful. Around level 11 or so, I find I use Stealth less consistently. Stab and flee can be a...
  14. Commiades

    High Level Grinding

    I've got through this game multiple times now at the Hard difficulty (I'm too careless to have stuck it out on Ironman). I'm now looking to get the Achievements for playing after the content is done. To date I've got bored and started again with a different build. My question is how do you do...
  15. Commiades

    Rogue Archer Damage Bonus

    I've just noticed that the damage bonus that rogues get at Levels 1, 3, 6, 12 & 18, etc. doesn't apply to ranged. The wiki doesn't seem to suggest this. Is that right?
  16. Commiades


    The Kick skill is invaluable for an Archer Rogue. However, I quite often fail to connect with my kick. Is the range of the kick shorter than a melee weapon strike? There's nothing like seeing Sargos pelting towards you in the arena, preparing a kick ... and missing. Any suggestions on making my...
  17. Commiades

    Wands and the Wand of Power

    Has anyone tried a build to get the most out of the Wand of Power? The Wiki stats on it need to be updated: its damage is 9-17 and its critical chance is a scary 8%. That makes its DPS 14.8. On Casual, I built a mage around this with maxxed out Precision Hits and Massive Criticals; obviously I...