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  1. Drunk3nSmilez

    Casting blue dot

    The blue dot is not a level requirement , it stands for how ever many Mana points it costs to use. If your a warrior or rogue you don't have Mana and can't do it, unless/if u got magical training
  2. Drunk3nSmilez

    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    pertaining to the fix with A Shady Travelers prices, why not simply add a note at the bottom of the page that mentions the price percentages you spoke of until/if it can be properly fixed.
  3. Drunk3nSmilez

    glitch with 'A Mad Wizard'

    During the initial confrontation with Janod and Adaon, something came up and i had to exit the game in the middle of the conversation. next i log back on, i see my rep with the wizards guild has lowered by 40. i put it off for a few sessions, but eventually i go to the sewers to get along with...
  4. Drunk3nSmilez

    Emeralds farming

    does that really work for you? in my experience the earth elementals dont respawn , not even once , regardless of if i save and reload /re-enter. is there something im missing or..?
  5. Drunk3nSmilez

    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    the wiki page for A Shady Traveler lists the price of greater healing potions as 600gp, when they are in fact 480gp
  6. Drunk3nSmilez

    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    the page for theSeventh House incorrectly states that only warriors and rogues can learn the advanced skills which isbt true, mages can learn precision shots
  7. Drunk3nSmilez

    Pure Archer or Melee Rogue

    as an archer you should have high enough awareness to sense it or your doing something incorrectly. just sit in front of the spot for a few and it should pick it up eventually yumean
  8. Drunk3nSmilez

    assistance with lost file

    i may have done that without realizing it.. well that sucks. thanks for the quick reply tho. guess i can always play that charecter on the old beater phone
  9. Drunk3nSmilez

    assistance with lost file

    hey all, Recently i uploaded all of my saves onto the cloud to transfer onto a new phone, and shortly after the transfer i noticed a problem with one of my charecters- it was no longer there. I still have the saves on the old phone, but ive since dtarted several new...
  10. Drunk3nSmilez

    Loreseeker/Golden Hand Guild Benefits

    okay so, after fighting my way in and killing alk the golems (whom i lured away from the traders on the off chance griss killed one if they turned out to be hostile) i left and slept for a day, and when i came back they wrre not hostile but their names were in red and when i tried to initiate...
  11. Drunk3nSmilez

    Loreseeker/Golden Hand Guild Benefits

    hello, ive ffound myself in a mild predicament, having given the woman her medallion without realizing i woildnt be able to enter the library, i cant recall if ive given all the necromancy tomes to the hand except for the one inside the library itself or if i may have given one earlier to the...