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    Rate my Cleric / Help wth stats

    Whats up guys? I'm attaching 2 screenshots of my cleric's stats + skills. Can you help me out with traits? I'm thinking it might not be worth it to spend many trait points in STR for +1 dmg. Right now I believe my armor is too low at 17, but I don't believe I can get better eq as I'm not on...
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    Blessed Plate Set?????

    Hey guys! I am not able to join the cleric's guild as I've already joined warrior's on my cleric. Thing is: Am I able to complete the blessed plate set without being on Cleric's guild? I've got the blessed plate helm (found on inori crypt) + blessed boots (got on 3 vs 11 quest). Where can I...
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    Tips on farming gold?

    Sup guys, Any good advices on where to farm decent gold? I'm currently farming at the Minotaurs's labyrinth, but sometimes an entire laby run gives me like 1.5 - 2k at most... with luck I can get more than that, but it's still repetitive as hell and I'm needing to stack some potions for...
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    Advice on DUEL vs. Heavyhand

    hey Guys, hailing from Brazil, been playing EK for a couple weeks, loving the game and how it captures correctly the old school RPG feel as many have failed to in the game industry on the latest years. Running a Cleric lvl 10 (almost 11). My doubt is: Does Heavy Hand stack with Duel? I've put...