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  1. Grim Rapper

    ...about the Royal Mercian Tombs (possibly story spoilers?)

    is there any story correlation between the past Kings (and a Monarch, technically) and the loot they gave when you defeated them? like the Founder of Mercian Kingdom, Tharum is beloved by the Free people is due to once-his Holy Helm(et) that has the engraving of The Three for some reasons? (and...
  2. Grim Rapper

    My Take on the Companion Update of Grissenda and Adaon [BIG SPOILER]

    (Don't worry, my initial post doesn't have any detailed spoiler at all. However, do cautious in scrolling down this thread because it has so many spoiler bombs, so proceed with your own discretion) Finally, it's here! After waiting for (not) so long, David (praised be your development) finally...
  3. Grim Rapper

    Impression of the Hirge Updates

    I just finished up the newly updated content (Gladiator, Hirge's quest and the Sacred Weapons) and I'm gonna give my 2 cents for this 1. Gladiator -> This one is pretty chill progression, it's really throw me off at the middle-end of it since the rule "no fancy equipment" is kinda nerfing my...
  4. Grim Rapper

    Several bugs

    SoH: Breno's final dialogue when escaping the Elemental Plae of Fire is not appeared Achievements: Suddenly, I got the "One with the Wild" and "Knighted" even before there's any related content added in the game, uhh...?
  5. Grim Rapper

    about achievements...

    I've been playing this game for a while (450+ hours in only 1 character)now, and I'm already get most of the achievement provided. However, there's this one achievement called "Guess who I just met..." that I saw from steam page, and it really salt my apples since I thought I'm already finished...
  6. Grim Rapper

    Suggestion on PC version

    Let's make it quick, yeah? 1. Make the Left Click and Right Click mappable (Left Click for movement only, Right Click for attacking only w/o movement) 2. Inventory Shortcut key? 3. Can you make the "drag-and-drop" mechanic? -. When dragging an item out of the inventory box, it'll count as...
  7. Grim Rapper

    Top Tier Farm - Icemist Underlevel

    Note: Only if you dare to stay >:D (also, Rogue class only) This is my last attempt to make a "effective" EXP farming by staying in the Icemist Underlevel for 16 days (2352 days -> 2368 days, I have some issues don't judge) with refreshing the area every 12 hours after killing EVERY "Ice...
  8. Grim Rapper

    SoH rewards

    Since there's no reward given by Folcarad Whitestorm after we've saved his son (except some rep. point which is good, but not useful for your daily adventure to be honest), how about him give some high-end skills to us for completing the *HARDEST* quest in the game? Essence Shield (Passive)...
  9. Grim Rapper

    Sewer of Horrors aftermath

    I dunno if its me that being too tilted or derp, but it seems that I can't access the 2nd level floor after finishing the quest related to it, is this intentional?
  10. Grim Rapper

    Technical Quirkiness

    I found an interesting Quirkiness about the Quick slots when integrated with the newest update (I'm sorry that I JUST got it after the Beta Version, there's some difficulties IRL so can't looked it up in details) by following this steps 1. Make the "Ancient Battery" item slots into one of the...
  11. Grim Rapper

    The derpy Traveller

    Yes I'm as confused as you are
  12. Grim Rapper

    Cleric Counter-effect Spell Bug

    Explantion: I can't capture this picture simply because the normal "Game Over" screen fades to darkness way too fast for me, however I get a screen "Game Over" without the fade-out effect for some reason (and for no exent time too). The reason why is when the Manticore hit me when I got 13...
  13. Grim Rapper

    Secrecy in Irazur Tomb

    pic taken in Irazur tomb First of all, DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING Is there any secret room that I never know before?
  14. Grim Rapper

    Dragon Quest in an Unknown Area (Literally...)

    Me: Well, time to play Exiled Kingdom and trying to finally leveling up my rogue to level 25! Me: First try?! How lucky I am! Let's see which part of Northeren Varsilia is the Red Dragon lies... Me: Umm... Okay, let's try that again... Me: David pls ಠ_ಠ
  15. Grim Rapper

    Cleric Armor Build

    (Most of this ramble are based of my opinion and my opinion only) I've noticed that for both Warrior and Rogue has a very steady armor progression towards their specialize armor (Legion/Myrosian set for Warrior, and Assassin set for Rogue) which is representing the character each class (High...
  16. Grim Rapper

    Salty Idea ;>

    Since the salt item only relevant in quest, how about making it applied to a weapon for additional element attack for several seconds? (Just like scorpion Venom)