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  1. Vitas

    Bug Varannari random encounter blocking road

    This happens usually near bridges and narrow passages. I encountered it in North Sagar Forest and Imperial Coast. I think it also happens in Nivar Wetlands, but I'm not sure. Pls fix 🙂
  2. Vitas

    Cloud restoration error (pre-1.3.1182 )

    Hi, I want to restore my files from Cloud, but the game shuts down during restoration. The saving was made before last update. Afaik, the last update was related to Google Play Cloud storage, this might have caused this issue. Also I saved in my phone storage, but the file somehow disappeared...
  3. Vitas

    Confirmation when entering doors

    I enjoy the game a lot, but there is one particular thing that is bothering. I have developed a door anxiety :) Every time I'm close to some door, if I move 1 mm too close I will exit/enter to another area unwillingly. If in that moment there is a 12 h reset, all my progress is also lost :( I...
  4. Vitas

    Clarification about 12 h reset

    Is there a world 12h timer reset, or each area has its own separate timer (which starts when I enter this particular area)? Pls enlighten me :)