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  1. StealthFighter

    Any android games like Exiled kingdoms 👀👀

    I have already completed EK twice once on normal with warrior and once on hard difficulty with archer before a month ! Amazing game!! Still I am trying to find games like EK but to not avail! Most of the RPGs I found is either hack-and-slash on single path or turn based which gets repetitive...
  2. StealthFighter

    How to? How to change buttons skills on android

    Hi All any idea how I can set/change button for different skills? Or what if I want to swap buttons? From controller setup when I tried I am not getting any buttons to set! I want to change order of the skills.
  3. StealthFighter

    How to? Rogue archer build mid game

    Hi All Started playing EK on rogue archer build with grissendra as companion! Was okay till mid game (completed around 65+ quests of 97) on level 17 now! Now struggling against most of the enemies specially wraths, warewolfs and arena! As can't fight them in melee!! Any suggestions? (Played...
  4. StealthFighter

    How to? Rogue archer build in arena

    I have developed archer build and struggling to clear even level 3 in arena where I need to fight lvl 12 outlaw chief! Can't use bow here as arena is very small! Any suggestions? (I have already completed once with warrior where arena was super easy except last fight)
  5. StealthFighter

    [Bug?] Beastslayer skill bear staying infinite

    Hi team Recently while playing in arena I found when I generate bear in arena and defeat opponents and come out bear doesn't disappear after 30 seconds it stays there! Tried 2 times both time same happened
  6. StealthFighter

    Using Golem to kill horror without taking a scratch

    Hi all Just completed EK first time and new item after update was super useful in beating horror! Vile of Iron guardian! Didn't take any scratch to kill horror!!😅(Btw I choose to fight with sister, valerian and lady) Looking forward to new areas opening up like org kingdom or few added quests...
  7. StealthFighter

    (Potential Bug) Azeran not appearing in chember in temple of sleepers

    In temple of sleepers quest I cleared teleportation maze and then entered Azeran chamber but he was not there and my journal description changed to Met and confronted Azeran in deepest of temple! Now barrier is still on and that sacrcophagus also not opening! Stuck there😮 I had already talked...
  8. StealthFighter

    Option to drop unnecessary items after quest

    @DavidBVal There are few items which are not useful for me but as they were part of some quest after completing them also it blocks a space in my back-pack/holding bag/vaults As space is always scarce can you please give option to drop them when quest is complete Here are few examples Ancient...
  9. StealthFighter

    varannaris reputation correction

    Hi All Is there any plan for giving option to players to correct varnarri reputation (similar like town hall quests for other areas)? I have +7 only after completing all the quests as I bashed them earlier🤣 So can't start path of deer
  10. StealthFighter

    Gorge of the Silent Kings - are there any quests?

    in new area after update Gorge of the Silent Kings; I ventured entire area killed snacks and other monsters(with fire dmg and healers and their leader too)! and that Metal Golem too (I got life Ball from it - Not sure If i remember name correctly). under 3 statues in last part of area I can see...
  11. StealthFighter

    [Not a bug - working properly ] Warrior yielding 2H weapon and stun immunity getting stunned

    Hi team I was playing ark of lothason and I got stunned multiple times from electric robot. But I already have stun immunity Attaching screenshots where I am stunned and my skills Can you please fix this? 1622224708 Mod Note: Deleted multiple screen screen shots for organization. Changed...
  12. StealthFighter

    Bug converted cap/helmet and boots to duplicate one

    Hi All I was playing game saved it loaded again after death and saw my heroic helm and steel boots changed to jungle boots and trollskin Cape which was already there at time in my inventory so now I have 2 of them After reloading again That is not reverted! It happened first time is this a bug...