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  1. Azog

    PlayStore alternative

    Since google changed the PlayStore, you cannot look for new released games in the subcategories anymore, and on the start page's new game category you of course only see hyped trash like Poketrash No-Go or most profitable freemium-pay2win trash. Does anyone know a good page wich is updated...
  2. Azog

    XP Balancing

    Keeping in mind that more contend will come, i'd like to share my thoughts about the actual XP balancing, wich in my opinion needs some improvement until the full release. I also keep in mind that there are gamers who love to grind for ages, but i dont think they are in the majority. I now...
  3. Azog

    Save system on hard difficulty

    In the past me and a lot of other gamers wished for better save options, and we've got 'em. Now that i've played a complete game until Lvl 17 with the new save options (quicksave + save anytime, except dungeons) on hard difficulty, i was rethinking of it. I can say that i enjoyed the game more...
  4. Azog


    Could you please make the behavior of the vaults the same like the inventory? It would be nice if you can sort your items, and taking items from the vault by tapping it only once and then "take" as often as necessary. Last but not least it would be cool if you can connect all 4 faults, since...
  5. Azog

    Stun negates our attack

    Dont know if that was already mentioned by others. The stun from enemys always negates your own attacks. It happens often when you charge with the warrior into an enemy, your are getting stunned imediately (even before the enemy's attack animation is shown) and your attack is negated. The same...
  6. Azog

    Town quests

    This thread is more some kind of sugesstion for the future content, but it is according to the actual balancing of the town quests. Actually town quests arent really necessary, since you can rise all needed reputation by doing the normal quests. Surely in future town quests will be more...
  7. Azog

    [Big Spoilers] Ironman Mode

    Im sure you know about the sircumstance, that a player can easlily exploit the ironman mode by backup the game regularily. I personally think that exploit shouldnt be given that easily by the game, and there should be an another way of backup for the ironman mode, where a player never can have...
  8. Azog

    Black shard

    Is there actually something i can do with it?
  9. Azog

    Fury bug

    Since update the fury skill will be deactivated after zoning, even if you're below 30/35% hp.
  10. Azog

    Autosave in dungeons

    I think it happens regurarily that especially in the early and mid game you have to reload your previos savegame due to failing in a dungeon. According to this, you usually learn quickly to always save your game before entering a dungeon, and if that isnt kind of "annoying" enough, you also...
  11. Azog

    Optional status information

    If possible, please add the option to turn all the written status informations over the heads off, like cleave, stunned, stab, etc., as well as the dmg output, and the health bar and lvl from the companion. So that you only see the health bar and lvl from the enemy, statuses like stunned or fury...
  12. Azog

    [FIXED] Flame pits + gorx lair bug

    Shouldnt the flame pits reset after resting at the inn? And in the gorx lair there are some chests that doesnt work anymore, a behavior i hadnt in previous games.
  13. Azog

    Alchemist Markus

    When bringing him a luminous fungus and a deadweed, he says he brews a potion of lesser shielding. But of course he will do a normal potion of shielding.
  14. Azog

    [Spoiler] Warrior Class: STR vs AGI Imbalancing

    This is only related to the actual balancing and the actual game contend (v.874). When reaching around lvl 10 character, you normally have done mostly everything from the game contend so far (except most of the town quests) and at this point everything runs easy, doesnt matter wich character you...
  15. Azog


    Whats the actual best greatsword(s), min - max dmg + element?
  16. Azog

    [FIXED] New gear with missing description

    I got gloves of luck with tinkering 1, but after equipping them and hitting the details, there is no description what tinkering does.
  17. Azog

    Random miniboss encounters + quicktravel

    Miniboss: I know you want to implement more random special encounters. But in addition to that, i think that random miniboss encounters would be a nice idea. You have to travel alot around the map, and you learn very quick where the enemy is. For example, running from New Garand Farmlands to...
  18. Azog

    Magical Vault bug

    When the magical vault is full and you want to stack a stackable item into it, it wont be possible. There must be at least 1 slot free, to stack an item to another item in the vault.
  19. Azog

    Luminous fungus

    I know from my first game, that the luminous fungus for the quest "gather ingredients" was located near to the water inside the bandit hideout. Now, on my 2nd run, i checked this cave around 10 times and there's still no fungus. Are there other locations where i can find it too?
  20. Azog

    Trap and secret door detection

    How does the detection actually work? My rogue haves 30% detection base chance, as well as Adaon. But still, it often takes ages to detect traps and doors. And when my rogue or Adaon detects them, in most of the cases only with a chance between 5% - 15%, while the highest detection rate so far...