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  1. Made in Heaven

    (Challenge) The Most Evil Rogue Ever

    THREADER NOTE: Yeah I know there is challenge called "The Rich Sailor" made by me and there is still no completer but it can be completed one day, I present to you another challenge made by me and got this idea from Apocalypse, a member here. STORY: After you get out in jail, you seek revenge...
  2. Made in Heaven

    2 tolassian tome in 1 drop

    I kill King of Korne and it drops 2 tomes. I forgot to take screenshot. Is it a bug??? Usually it drops only one, I got it on my level 23 warrior
  3. Made in Heaven

    Cap'n Dorse

    I'm really impressed to his lines, like David how did you learn that language?lmao
  4. Made in Heaven

    (Challenge) The Rich Sailor[Completed]

    (I MAY ADD SOMETHING IN THIS POST SO DONT FORGET TO READ IT!!!!!) STORY: You are having a normal day in your little rowboat on New Anthur until a magical letter appeared in your hand saying you will receive an inheritance in New Garrand, you don't remember any relatives there but still start...
  5. Made in Heaven

    Wand Pushbacks

    Sorry for my English in advance but.. I just noticed that when you hit a ranged enemy with wand their attack repeats. Example I hit a minotaur oracle with wand he releases an attack when he gets pushed he attacks again, its hard when you are fighting a lich with heavy death and fire damage.
  6. Made in Heaven

    Ruined Dragoon Boots

    I know i can find it out myself but can you trade the boots with Rolgam infinitely? Planning to raid the mausoleum for emergency expenses and little rep in Mercia. (Just found out you can trade him that boots for 500 exp and gold.)
  7. Made in Heaven

    Meme i made(i got bored dont blame me)

    the forum is quieter than ever.maybe this shitty meme will help???
  8. Made in Heaven

    Joke: Invisible Swamp Donkey Sightings

    Help I can't believe it really exists! HE KICKED ME SO HARD. I will find a way to kill this beast. Maybe he have some juicy drop. Damn,what a good loot. Wand with 16-28 poison damage and arcane 3 named "Swamp Donkey's Tail"