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  1. Kuratha

    Emeralds farming

    Haha, gotta pray to the RNG gods before beginning your run. Always seems to work for me ;)
  2. Kuratha

    Discord Server (Unofficial) - Chat with other players!

    Howdy all~! I've been a long-time fan, helper, and supporter of Exiled Kingdoms. Life continues to go on but we will always remember and love Exiled Kingdoms. I had created the afore-mentioned *unofficial* Discord server some years ago and have recently decided to create a new and improved...
  3. Kuratha

    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    "You was killed" Can't believe this hasn't been fixed despite the numerous times I and others have mentioned this. Should be "You were killed" not was
  4. Kuratha

    Unexplained massive arrow damage with Warrior

    -facepalm- of course its the Massive Critical Kill portion...forgot that it simply increases the damage enough to kill the enemy, hp=0 (my guess). Gotta love the simple explanations~
  5. Kuratha

    Unexplained massive arrow damage with Warrior

    9*300%=27 as you have mentioned with the Icylon. What is the damage range for your critical hits? "Critical - The chance for dealing a critical hit. The nominal critical damage is indicated in parenthesis." Brainstorming: *I imagine you're bonus to ranged weapons probably is getting added...
  6. Kuratha

    Oddity with Zombie Dragon's toxic aura

    'The stench from the decaying flesh of the dragon is slow to disappear from the area.'- is how I would explain it. The aura reminds me of the Ancient Mummy's aura. However, mummy's take a second to 'exhume' the aura, which stays at a fixed point. While for the Zombie Dragon the aura, is fixed...
  7. Kuratha

    Help with Snake gang bank heist (director- demon)

    Whatever you do, don't cast fireball! :) In the Imperial Fortress (Steel Coast)[Devourer area] you should be able to find the Staff of the Seas that does ice damage. I admit to getting slaughtered the first time I dueled the Director, partly due to Hirge using Flames of Faith and healing that...
  8. Kuratha

    Why I love Warriors

    Get yourself a strength belt and you'd see the numbers go flying even higher. The Girdle of Might or Girdle of the Warrior, for members of the Warrior's Guild. Nice~!
  9. Kuratha

    How do I not kill amarisa?!

    Check the wiki for the full walk through for this quest: ... f_Lothasan The important bit: "you will have to choose: to send her back home, run away together, or have her join you" You need to find the secret door, that will have the switch to free her in...
  10. Kuratha

    Seeking Screenshots of Invisible Swamp Donkey

    I was slashed into oblivion by an Orc Warrior, only to have my companion summon an Invisible Swamp Donkey to raise me up. :shock:
  11. Kuratha

    STICKY - Minor Graphics Issues

    *Minor graphical fixes* -- phase through -- phase through -- phase through -- phase through -- phase through -- phase through -- text for...
  12. Kuratha

    NooB Archer- Help

    Yes. Crit chance w/ current bow is 13%. It's pretty awesome! (Took a random screenshot of when it activated)
  13. Kuratha

    Ilmara Quests Ceased?

    This has been mentioned before and I'm pretty sure the response was: there is a limit to quests for Ilmara ~20 or so. David mentioned that he'd look into it or something to that nature. (can't remember off the top of my head) I believe there's a limit on all the Town Hall quests per kingdom...
  14. Kuratha

    St. Admus secret doors

    For me, every secret door has been found while in motion. Generally, if I know where the location of the door is supposed to be, I'll run against the wall where the door is. (Running in place). If I don't know where there's a door but suspect that there is one, I'll run at a slight angle to a...
  15. Kuratha

    Elixir of Galade

    Just checked the wiki for confusing texts and didn't see anything of note. The Elixir of Galade is a 'Common item' and are: "A frequent drop or obtainable from merchants." Maybe this might have been the confusing part. If not, quote where and I'll see what I can do about making it less...
  16. Kuratha

    Stats and saves

    As my phone broke a month ago and I haven't been able to get a new one yet, I'm not 100% sure. I believe that if you choose the little icon folder next to the save the is a delete option at the bottom. As you mentioned, writing over a saved game works just fine. Stats- it would be interesting...
  17. Kuratha

    (spoilers) The Prodigal Daughter feedback

    Ahh, missed that bit. The entire thread really hadn't addressed that. It may be enough to put a quest completion check but David already mentioned how difficult that would be to implement.
  18. Kuratha

    (spoilers) The Prodigal Daughter feedback

    You could change the text to say "the forces withing the mirror implodes, sending a wave of magical energy throughout the realms, dissipating all same-type energies (i.e. black shards)"
  19. Kuratha

    [LIGHT SPOILERS] - Advice for newbies

    Basically, the only ways to 'recover' are resting at inns (full-heal), sleeping in beds, or using consumables. This promotes a go out and explore and then return to home base kinda system. I guess its too dangerous to camp out in the wilds, I mean look what happened with our first encounter...
  20. Kuratha

    Arbenos' Might Faulty Description (2 Hand Weapons Double Effect)

    The confusing wording: "You will do more damage, both normal and fire based. Double effect with 2H weapons." An good description: "You deal increased physical and fire-based damage. Using 2H weapons doubles the physical damage effect ." -Fighting Fire Dragons w/ Hirge as your companion-...