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  1. Grim Rapper

    Smoke Bomb

    I'd feel that Smoke Bomb is an easier way to set up Backstab, because Stealth skill [or potions] is the only way to proc it (or have your companion distract it) back in the day
  2. Grim Rapper

    Question about Vampiric Blade

    my OP archer build will be even more powerful if that's the case ...but sadly no, melee only (and it can't be combo with Flurry Skill too, sadge)
  3. Grim Rapper

    ...about the Royal Mercian Tombs (possibly story spoilers?)

    is there any story correlation between the past Kings (and a Monarch, technically) and the loot they gave when you defeated them? like the Founder of Mercian Kingdom, Tharum is beloved by the Free people is due to once-his Holy Helm(et) that has the engraving of The Three for some reasons? (and...
  4. Grim Rapper

    Permafrost Bow drop

    Stun 1 is 5% IMO the AS (attack speed) isn't worth taking the Stun I into consideration, since it's technically you can get more% if you have faster AS Bow and just having 12% from Archery Skill
  5. Grim Rapper

    *Story Spoilers* The Builders

    It is not a "probably" at this point, one of the solutions from the Quest "The Dead God" reveal this information among other things
  6. Grim Rapper

    Future of Varannar

    13. Relevancy on the Tower (Bandit Tower?) between Kingsbridge and New Garand
  7. Grim Rapper

    choose your fighter [Heavy spoilers]

    Ask about her opinion about New Garand, you'll see an unusual reaction from her (for no reason, surely ;) ) ps: thank god finally someone who isn't as dense as the rest of the comm :p
  8. Grim Rapper

    choose your fighter [Heavy spoilers]

    you forgot some quote's btw, lemme help ya: Hirge: - a literal loli, but have a face of an adult (for some reason) - "my lady" - woman version of Arthas, seriously (just wait for her breakdown for knowing the truth) Adaon: - Actual edgelord - "you don't know what I've been through" - Traitor...
  9. Grim Rapper

    Suggestions on loot & storage.

    > I can't give any useful advice on so little information, maybe give your equipment/skill list? > For your own sake, it's better to finish most of the high-quality reward from certain quest first before dive into the (presumeably) last dungeon, but if you still insist on going here's the list...
  10. Grim Rapper

    Suggestions on loot & storage.

    > The only reason to keep any Mage-related equipment for a non-Mage player is purely for the sake of collectibles (just like the gold ingots, really) >The main reason to keep any gemstones (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond)are for monetary funds (as if you're short of gold coins, the...
  11. Grim Rapper

    Iron Man Strategies?

  12. Grim Rapper

    Suggestions on loot & storage.

    Jesus, people are just so toxic these days... -> If you didn't want to read it, don't respond it in the first place. You say it like that is just as same as saying to a newbie "Yo man, you didn't know that there is a glitch to maximize your potion amount to 9999? kys m8", maybe try to explain...
  13. Grim Rapper

    Iron Man Strategies?

    In my opinion, you should stack both potions in your inventory instead of selling the weaker potion, because you can use the Greater Potion to heal when you're tanking some enemies and you can use the Moderate Potions to heal when you're not being attacked by them. This way you can keep your...
  14. Grim Rapper

    Thoughts on the nature of Magic and the Ascended Immortals [SPOILERS]

    I'm not hating or anything, but please give a second thought on grammar when posting your thoughts because it's really hard to understand it (for me at least). So I'll respond to things that I (vaguely) understands and about to respond First of all, I didn't say that the Muud'ari people didn't...
  15. Grim Rapper

    A poorly drawn sketch of Griss

    That's actually pretty good tfw when username is liking hirge, but instead drawing gris instead lmao (still, gris is best girl [cuz i'm not a pedophile])
  16. Grim Rapper

    Thoughts on the nature of Magic and the Ascended Immortals [SPOILERS]

    The Forsaken is as blind as you do in terms of knowing the Muud'ari's technology, they didn't know the consequence of this said "immortality" nor the existence of the Horror in the first place. Their knowledge is just as far as "We are better than these other humans around us" based on your...
  17. Grim Rapper

    Thoughts on the nature of Magic and the Ascended Immortals [SPOILERS]

    Just throwing my two cents on this (also HUGE nerd autism ahead) About the contradictory between Muud's Technology and Varannari's magic is (in my opinion) based on where it comes from, when you look at the Mage description that's stated "Mages harness great destructive powers with several...
  18. Grim Rapper

    Newbie build: Warrior with Rogue skills

    I mean, you can build your Rogue Archer skills when also build your companion's Sturdy Meat Shields Warrior skill collectively (in terms of exp. points) with Grissenda or vice versa with Adaon, because those two can be recruited pretty early in the game