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    Who said this isn't a party game?!

    10 in the party. You can get 11 if you save bank heist for last and have Zilda temporarily join. It was fun. Cleric, Hirge, Spirit Wolf, Mercenary, Zenmo, Niur, Lisperix, Riella, Rodney, and Teram.
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    Party Challenge

    Challenge: Have 8 in your party. How to: 1. Mage class 2. Get gold to hire a merc 3. Finish goblin quest and get Teram 4. Level 2 get Rodney 5. Learn summoner for Sparkling 6. Get Grissenda 7. Get Nuir 8. Get Lispirex Pitfalls: 1. If your Merc dies you can't rehire with others in the...
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    Freetown Arena Glitch

    Many many runs through the Arena so this is not a newbie type post. Not looking for assistance. Just sharing and curious if anyone else had this happen. Was in Freetown with mage using staff. Emptied the inventory and filled my bag and storage. Did a quicksave and townsave. Entered Arena...
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    Emerald Valley and Kurgua Cave need drop balancing on the next technical update

    18 complete runs through Emerald Valley and Kurgua Cave. 2 hours. Only 9 red, 12 green fangs, 3 ivory rings, AND NO MYSTIC BONE MACE! Very absurd and boring considering their lack of importance. OKAY 20 runs NO Mystic Bone Mace. Did the dev get rid of it!? This is my 8th character in this game...
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    100% map clear, everyone is dead...

    A lot of awesome players on here, so I know it's not the best, but its my best. Level 24 mage on Hard Mode. All quests complete. All town hall quests complete except for varannari (my friends) and slaves (anti-slavery). Positive reputation with everyone but Jabal -5 and Governor. 100% map is...
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    Next update content

    Will the next update have content that can only be completed from an earlier point? For example: accessing Greyrune to get crypt key in the last update.
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    Contest for honor and pride

    Anyone ever thought of having mini contests or challenges with other players. They could range from fastest to kill a certain enemy, level, or achievement. Really the combos are endless with the 4 classes and numerous dungeons and beasts. Interested in ideas?
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    Mage shoots through walls

    The mage can shoot through walls and closed dungeon doors. It happens everytime in Sunken citadel and the Ark. I can duplicate it easy.
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    PC running 1.1.077

    I was in beta PC version getting regular updates on PC. I'm not sure what happened. Now cant get game updates stuck on version 1.1.1077. Any ideas on what went wrong and how to fix it?
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    Adaon top right dialogue box unattainable

    This happens using Adaon only. I stopped using him so forgot about the bug. Used him for first time with mage. he still needs fixing. Both of these have happened recently. Examples of when it happens are: 1. Ask him to rejoin in New Garand. Then Switch some gear around. Go back to dismiss him...
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    Achievement "No Place Like Home"

    Its says "purchase or be granted a home of your own." Is there a way to have a house granted to you? Or a way to earn a house without paying?
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    Transfer ek.bak android to pc?

    PC version looks awesome! Time for new character. But need to transfer files. Need some help please
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    EK is the best RPG game and the CHEAPEST!!!

    I spent over $5000 on gaming like a fool in the 2 years leading up to finding EK. I haven't spent a cent since. How could this be!? EK is the best and the cheapest game available. After reading david's posts it's crystal clear. how and why. I strongly believe in the ripple(butterfly) effect. To...
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    Breno and Hirge attacked me in SoH quest

    Not sure what triggered it. Sorry I was unable to take a snapshot of it. When I got close to the White King, Breno and Hirge began attacking me for no damage. I tried everything to make them stop. Nothing. Became really hard to kill my enemies!! Once Hirge died and revived she stopped and was...
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    What is the total number of secrets?

    Does anyone know the total number of secrets available? I have found 83 so far. I also wish there was an XP bonus for each secret found. More XP with difficulty of reaching or finding it. Mod Note: Edited tittle to better reflect post.
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    Mercian Crypt key 7

    Is Key 7 available? Started over after new update using a balanced warrior. I like to switch back and forth to 1H and 2H. Beat all areas, bosses, and quests except for key 7 and the new sewer.
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    A lot of folks have difficulty with storage. Seems to be plenty after buying New Garand house. Still can buy 1 vault and nivarian house. But it's a regularly asked question. Maybe a loreseeker can setup a small section for storage layout. *Scratch that- Found the storage section on wiki. Don't...