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  1. ajay

    Finally lvl 100 done

    I guess the question now is: are you going to farm a time to get to 5 str...
  2. ajay

    Need help with rogue

    I wouldn't count on stunlocking even with both those weapons. The most consistent combo is max flurry and max sneak attack. Stunning is nice, but not dependable. Even when the dirk of betrayal was god mode with its 12 sec stun which was a bug. It only randomly made things easier. Invest in the...
  3. ajay

    What do you think is the best weapon element in this game?

    I have to agree with the consensus. The best weapon is what is going to push the most damage through the mob's resistances. Whether that's AC or elemental. DPH is more important on high AC mobs
  4. ajay

    High Level Grinding

    If you want to farm greater scrolls of wisdom, head down to the Icemist Underlevels. The two red dragons respawn every time you sleep in Breno's cot. They are infinite rumor bosses that can drop tomes if you are really lucky. If you minimize what you carry in your bags you can use the time to...
  5. ajay

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    I started another rogue because why not. While I didn't find any hunter's fangs, I managed to find two sacrificial daggers in Ydaya Tomb. This rogue seems to be lucky. I have had two sets of forest chain leggings drop at level 4.
  6. ajay

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Yes, the bluesteel poisonous dagger is another great dagger. I just wanted a new challenge. On my last playthrough by the time I got the Troll Cleaver it was a bit underpowered.
  7. ajay

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Sorry about the late reply, I was working a ton of overtime and missed your question. Yes, it takes invis/sprint potions and a bit of luck to get a recall scroll to get you out of the kitchen. I think it took around 30 attempts.
  8. ajay

    Hardest Boss

    From what I understand, Tol zaps you and loops you into conversation until he kills you.
  9. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    I think I have given up on bloodlust too. I want look at smoke bomb just for utility of it works correctly and doesn't drop agro allowing mob Regen to start up. Basically I am looking at getting poison master and smoke bomb and removing bloodlust from my build. Of course I will have to shuffle...
  10. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    Looks good 💪 Care to elaborate on the 5 END? I am asking as a Rogue because I have only needed 4 END for Body Development. Is there another requirement for warriors? And what is the neck slot you are wearing?
  11. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    So, this chat screenshot got deleted. Was the char in a hacked game? VDX deleted a lot of screenshots in that thread for that reason. Dalvin, do you mind showing of your build? And is there any particular choice behind not using the Bloodied Scarf or Amulet of Dark Whispers?
  12. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    Here is the same setup as the level 40 rogue. I believe he has Assassinate and Flurry up. 1622750600 So 300 DPS is not achievable with a potion and Bloodlust. I assumed they would both be multiplicative but the potion was additive resulting in 3 more DPS.
  13. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    The best way I have found to avoid over aggro is to use the combat commands. I am constantly telling my companion to wait here and then pulling to them. Or pushing them into the aggro range and let it start that way.
  14. ajay

    Melee Rogue Skill Priorities

    I build my rogues a bit weird prior to level 10. I maximize the defensive skills and traits for survivability and follow up with the mental traits for extra XP/gold. I only use three basic skills - evasion, sneak attack and stab. I hold the rest of the points for flurry and body dev and pick up...
  15. ajay

    Sewer of horrors.

    The unique bosses will not respawn and the chests with tomes do not regenerate. Other than that it is a great place to grind.
  16. ajay

    Holy Visions

    Aside from the lore, they are a money sink for those who farm. An extra trait and skill point for about 500k gold isn't that bad.
  17. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    If I am burning through trash mobs, strings of 5-6 assassinate stabs aren't uncommon. With bosses, 2-3 are frequent and they tend to die with that. The big hits I posted aren't normal but not rare also. If I self buff with flurry and assassinate I can get to 230ish DPS. With bloodlust and an...
  18. ajay

    I want 1.3 loot spoilers for a Rogue please

    The bear cloak was an easy pick up. It allowed me to get 5 each in the mental traits and focus further on the combat traits. I now need a ring to replace my ring of unlife due to the traits being redundant and lesser. Resists are mostly irrelevant to a Rogue. Or at least my Rogue.
  19. ajay

    Hunter's Equipment

    The fastest way I found hunter's fang was farming the tomb or goblin cave in Lannegar Valley. But you definitely out grow them quickly.
  20. ajay

    I want 1.3 loot spoilers for a Rogue please

    Fine, I will curb my impatience and wait for the update of the wiki. Thanks VDX! ;)