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  1. Molokot

    Struggling with Stormknights in Call of Blood

    2h grisenda is best companion, just you need to show her some love and give her books and gear :P That sword from giant boss is a good idea. Also leaarn yourself magic use skill from new garand librarians and it will allow you to use resurect scrolls, it is cheapest and most eficient healing...
  2. Molokot

    Struggling with Stormknights in Call of Blood

    It is one of more challenging places, if u have problems, just go farm couple more levels and get better gear for grisenda. Those initial storm knights are not the most dificult obstacles there :p Hope you have save before entering that place. Also come there well prepared with lot of good...
  3. Molokot

    Guide to Varannari Reputation

    Yes, after you finish path of the deer quest and get loot from 3 witches, you can do quests for mercia and get negative rep with green guys. its fun , but then you cant sell wolf pelts to them.
  4. Molokot

    Dope Gameplay

    Well i dont know how to make screenshots and movies, but i am usually , doing something exactly opposite, maximizing exp gain in given amount of time, and it can be no less amazing.
  5. Molokot

    What music are you listening to right now?

    I found out that turning off any kind of sound or music in any game any radio and also most of tv shows, greatly improves my experience, try it out :D.
  6. Molokot

    New general skill , make potions

    Couple of guys can make potions from ingredients for you, most usefull is cook in freetown that can make omletes from vorator eggs and also restore half hp+ half mana from golden apples.
  7. Molokot

    Varanarri Reputation Issues

    If you want to do path of the deer then you need to behave yourself, it is intended to be like this and there wouldnt be added any extra bonus rep quests. You need to start playing again from the begining if yyou did too much harm to green guys. And if you dont like them, you can kill them all...
  8. Molokot


    Diffrenert enemies have diffrent properties and can be killed esier by certain clases , there arent any favoritism. Its part of fun to figure out how to deal with them.When it comes to Sargos its better to cheat him than fight with him, because then he will be last boss in the arena and give...
  9. Molokot

    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    Those movies are fun to watch and i personaly also like to steal treasures from tough monsters, but there isnt ANY doubt that he cheated. But he has deep knowledge of the game.And while you cant take this a s guide for normal gameplay , you can get good hints how to move around strong enemies if...
  10. Molokot

    Magic barrier

    For me it looks like you found "anti exploit" and making fuss about it. Game mechanics is like it is. I consider using mage barrier to someones disadvantage, to be kind of achievement, because i wouldnt be able to fugure out how to do it,even if i would try hard.
  11. Molokot

    App EK Companion

    Thing is, that wiki table is a comlete bulshit. It causes lot of confusion to new players. You need to separate + damage from main damage to see what it realy is. So for starters just make dps table with pure physical damage skipping "+ whatever" ,and in case of pure elemental mage weapons they...
  12. Molokot

    Magic barrier

    I am not sure what is your issue.Surely enemy cant hit you when he is pushed back? Because he needs time to come back? + he gets damage and this spell is doing loads of damage if maxed. Also you can pair it with wand and then you can have double pushback and that is easiest way to clear ark of...
  13. Molokot

    All the tavern rumors

    Are you sure that bonuses on diffrent items combine? Isnt it like with stats that only highest one counts?
  14. Molokot

    Health Regeneration Capped at 80?

    I can be wrong, but do you ask about your max Hp or , just you want to have more free regeneration? Because if its 2nd option , then it is nothing wrong with it , and thats how it works.
  15. Molokot

    Sewers of horror the ark quest

    Well finishing quest is reward in itself and you can have hell load of loot from those places. Sewers is only place with faramable respawning 2 dragons, and drops plenty books. Ark gives belt of strenght ,agility gloves , weapons , armors, ring , skillpoint. ANd thats still not good enough...
  16. Molokot

    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    Yeah , besides evrything else, he absolutely couldnt have level 1 there, because , you can see on video that monsters in previous room was killed, and they give lot of exp. And as i said before i bet it was on easy. Kalgaru isnt on wiki but there is level 25 demon and he has almost 40 armor 200...
  17. Molokot

    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    On hard you cant even scratch him with ark bow(with warrior). He regenerates a lot. All those movies are on easy.
  18. Molokot

    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    I bet it was on easy, so meh. If you are not playing on hard then theres nothing to show .
  19. Molokot

    App EK Companion

    I know that toying with programing can be fun and it is good excercise , just from player perspective your work is 100% useless. This is small game and dont need any extential support or statistics or whatever, except data that is allready on wiki. If you realy want to help new players . please...
  20. Molokot


    Maybe , sometime in long future (like 2+ years) . Maybe. Honestly if i would won in some lottery i would pay 100k for this game to be fiinished, but still didint won anythiing :D