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  1. ajay

    I want 1.3 loot spoilers for a Rogue please

    Did anything great come out of the new content for a Rogue besides the Bear Cloak? New daggers, shortswords or of hands? Rings or boots? I previously had everything on farm status with all of the best unique gear. I would like to start a fresh Rogue if there is some gear worth the grind.
  2. ajay

    Biggest Hits Dealt

    I think I have optimized my rogue build and just wanted to share some of the big stabs I have pulled off. I tried to keep them towards higher lvl mobs. Feel free to post you biggest hits too! I want to see what 2hd warriors are capable of doing. 1611815046
  3. ajay

    Tomes of Lost Wisdom or Skill Points (Spoilers)

    Are there more tomes/bonus skill points besides the ones from Tol, Oracle, The Observatory, Holy Visions, and 5 from Sewer of Horrors? I remember reading somewhere on the boards there are 9-10. Is there a tenth one somewhere I have not listed?
  4. ajay

    Min/Maxing a Melee Rogue

    Has anyone figured the absolute breakeven between Strength and Agility for using light weapons on a Rogue? I would like to push over 60 dps, 35 ac and 600 hp unbuffed at level 23. I know these figures are arbitrary, but I am not sure it can happen without grinding rumor bosses for tomes. Sounds...