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  1. Ian Skylark

    Ark of Lothasan squishy rogue gripe

    Yeah, you can still get those items if you're lucky enough to find them. In the reactor and the upper floor the chances are substantially higher of having them appear in the boxes. The Ark can be hard if you haven't prepared the right gear and potions. Since you're a rogue, what I can...
  2. Ian Skylark

    The Primal forge

  3. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 15 Ironman ~vs~ HORROR (Video!)(Spoilers)

    Toast! Long time no see. I'm not sure. For now I don't have anything planned. Maybe whatever comes next when Thuram is released? I'd have to run through it first with my main though. I don't want to lose this Ironman to something unexpected or just plain silly... (Lost one to the respawning...
  4. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 15 Ironman ~vs~ HORROR (Video!)(Spoilers)

    Skepticism's always healthy. Thanks, V. =]
  5. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 15 Ironman ~vs~ HORROR (Video!)(Spoilers)

    Thanks, but do what? Emulator safe state? What do you mean? Maybe I should have noted this wasn't the first Iron I attempted this on. I burned through a couple others before even getting to the ark. As for the Ark itself, I spent a lot of time there on my main who's not an ironman. I figured...
  6. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 15 Ironman ~vs~ HORROR (Video!)(Spoilers)

    I wanted to show that with the proper build, preparation and determination anything is possible if you put your mind to it! ... That and I got insanely lucky a couple times. ... Leave your thoughts, I enjoy reading what you guys think. I kept...
  7. Ian Skylark

    Valerian question

    You won't be less rewarded, you can still achieve the peaceful ending, but
  8. Ian Skylark


    Description of 'Icicle' and 'Primal Icicle' seem to be mixed up.
  9. Ian Skylark

    Question And A Healing Issue

    To David, or anyone that's certain - Does the attribute 'Banishing' apply to the Ark Robots? And I noticed whenever I'm using a companion and a summon, when the companion has fainted and I try to heal my summon with Heal Wounds, it heals the fainted companion instead even though he's still...
  10. Ian Skylark

    Comment my build.

    For a level 15 with 35 dps without any of the end game gear, you're a little scary. You're looking really good. The only advice I can give you is to remember that it can be a good idea to have multiple skills at level 2, rather than only a couple at level 3. More diversity and more bang for...
  11. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 8 Ironman Cleric -vs- Lady Xidar, Surtag, Tyogos

    Oh, no you're right. I completely forgot that using a bow tends to grab the bad guys attention. It's a little unfortunate that it does that, if I'd brought one along this video might've never been released. It's a little embarrasing to say the only class I've really played on is Cleric, so that...
  12. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 8 Ironman Cleric -vs- Lady Xidar, Surtag, Tyogos

    Thanks for the compliment, V. I did cut it too close with the potions, I came way underprepared, and that almost cost me.. I didn't notice any achievement pop up when I beat them, but it seems like a neat one to have. Wink wink, David.
  13. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 8 Ironman Cleric -vs- Lady Xidar, Surtag, Tyogos

    Lol, were you? What a surprise :P Yeah, that guy is dangerous. It's why I reserved Adaon for after his defeat, since he has whirlwind. Maybe if I'd given him a bow I might've had an easier time.
  14. Ian Skylark

    Lv. 8 Ironman Cleric -vs- Lady Xidar, Surtag, Tyogos

    I should have brought more potions Fighting all 3 at once isn't recommended on an Ironman at this level, I just wanted to challenge myself and see if it could be done. I've played through the battle on my other character before so I kind of knew what to expect...
  15. Ian Skylark

    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    Battle Prayer is a must for the Ark, the extra armor and resistances are huge against the spiders and wizzies, and the damage is helpful too. If you have the wolf, it's never a 1v1 either. Just remember to tank since at that point, the Wolf only serves as an extra 30dps since he's killed easily...
  16. Ian Skylark

    The Demise of King M’dmoo

    When you killed him, was it before or after the crown quest he gave you?
  17. Ian Skylark

    Advanced skills

    Sometimes there's a stat requirement, other times it's a skill, and other times it can be a class requirement. If you have the stat necessary for the advanced skill, the reason you may not be able to learn it is because the skill requires that stat to be base, not boosted. Body Development for...
  18. Ian Skylark

    Flames of Faith Not Dealing Proper Damage

    The description states, "Each second, flames heal allies for 10 hp and burn enemies for 21 spirit damage." When used on enemies even without any spirit resistance it tends to do a random amount of damage up to 21. This significantly lowers the damage per second it claims to do considering I...
  19. Ian Skylark

    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    It's always that way at first :/ but hang in there. Take them one at a time and heal up before each fight. You have loads of mana reserved just for that. If I completed the Ark at level 20, you can too. Gl bud
  20. Ian Skylark

    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    At your level, having massive crits at level 2 or especially 3 will be a huge help against the minos and ark bots, it's a good idea. Thanks a lot for the pictures, it helps me see how the build plays out at the earlier levels. Your character is going to get a nice upgrade soon when you get all...