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    Importing game to new device

    Didn't even see that. Thanks!
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    Importing game to new device

    I've saved my game to the cloud and want to import it to my new tablet but the continue game button is grayed out. What do I need to do?
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    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    "The Bronx" is a specific example of a slang term for a town that most cities do not use. The city of Nivarian is located in the Kingdom of Nivaria. I agree that it's usually the other way around in the real world but in the end, it's ultimately up to David as to how he wants to word it.
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    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    I disagree. Correct me if I'm wrong but Nivarian is a city and that would be like saying "I'm going to the Los Angeles" since "the" isn't part of Nivarian's proper name.
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    Q: Any news about V1.1. A: Check the News and Update Thread

    Note to moderator: your note says "tittle" instead of title
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    New Player Advice: Which class is better to start with?

    I'm curious as to why you had a tough time playing a warrior. I was spamming the ark at level 23-23 before I beat the game just so I could make level 25 for the achievement. I could literally stay in there indefinitely with the med pack drops and batteries but would have to go to town to sell...
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    Ironman time

    Don't die... (I know, not helpful. But seriously, good luck. I finished game on casual and am just advancing to normal).
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    Damage or AC

    Most people playing a rogue character would most likely say to focus on DPS since hitting fast and evading are what they are best at. Warriors usually go for a higher ac since we tend to duke it out with mobs.
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    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    After starting new game, here are some more: - A Mysterious Letter: capitalize quest title -Gather Ingredients: ...they grow *in* the banks, should be *on* -A Warriors Honor: Grissenda misspelled, omit comma in second sentence Update to quest, Grissenda misspelled Tavern rumors: A group of...
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    Stuck in the Ark [SPOILERS]

    Re: Stuck in the Ark In the far NE room on the first floor is a machine that will convert 5 small batteries to a large one.
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    New Anthur Bay

    Read what as New Anthur Bay?
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    Melee Rogue, Ranger Rogue, or both?

    I wouldn't say leveling is tricky as it is monotonous. I leveled to 25 just to get the achievement but I really didn't need to. Besides, at level 25 and up it takes ONE MILLION points to level.
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    Go to the wiki page and you'll see a link up top that says "sign in".
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    Ark of Lo cant clear the game (maybe spoiler)

    You are absolutely correct. I had it ass-backwards. My bad.
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    Ark of Lo cant clear the game (maybe spoiler)

    The only other items that heal for more are potions of lesser restoration, which heals for half of your hp (which means half of your total hp, i.e. if you have 500 total it will heal you for 250). They are usually dropped by rumor bosses. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
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    Spicing things up ... _things_up This will reveal all you need to know...
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    Tolassian tomes

    VDX, correct me if I'm wrong but there is a flaw in this mathematical approach. This method would be based on 100 players competing for the same drop versus every player's individual chance at success. A 1% drop rate simply means each player has a 1 in 100 chance of getting the rare drop...
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    Ark of Lo cant clear the game (maybe spoiler)

    You may be in trouble. My Warrior was specced similarly and I had to have Valaran help me to kill the Horror. IMHO, you'll probably want to go back through the game to the point you meet him and not kill him. I tried killing it without him and even with the ankh, I wasn't successful. Someone...
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    Melee Rogue, Ranger Rogue, or both?

    For trait points it's 12 but you'll never get near that since it takes one more point per level than the previous one to advance e.g. 2 to level 2, then 3 to level 3, etc. (it would take 78 to max out one trait starting at 0). Skill points is 2 per level so you can figure out how many levels...
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    Lesser known game mechanics

    I don't think you'll find that out until after he stabs you