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  1. Vaaclav

    Fanatics behaviour

    Fanatics, goblins exploding after death. I think that they would deserve minor change of behavior. Also I noticed that they explode by themselves as primary attack. So, if they would be killed first, explosion would not be. Mod Note: Removed reference to real world polemic topic, see Forum Rule #3
  2. Vaaclav

    Rescued enemies

    As I go through map, it is chance to meet enemies that fight with else enemies - for example goblin fighting with wolf (or so). What about to let these rescued enemies to fight by your side, for a limited time (like mercenary)?
  3. Vaaclav

    Dead god quest - Crown of Tol

    After some time, I was able to find and get Crown of Tol, but whom to give it? In forgotten temple I found tombstone with very long text, but I was not able to find to whom to retrieve the crown. After I got crown, I tried to bring it to that tombstone, but no change. Currently I try to carry...
  4. Vaaclav

    More trees with golden apples

    Rumor is rumor. But I still thought that there could be a few more trees with golden apples - after opening of Nivaria and mostly other areas of Lake Nivar. So, I am a bit disappointed for this. I would like to see at least one another tree with golden apples, in Nivar wetlands - that is...
  5. Vaaclav

    Chaos in Mausoleum - lever too far

    There is one very strange situation in lever room in Mausoleum. Character can handle lever across spike trap even if he/she is so far from spike trap to it could hurt him/her. I made a screenshot of that situation. I think that this should not be - and any handling of lever should be only when...
  6. Vaaclav

    Stacking of trait bonuses from equipment

    Hard to say why trait bonuses from equipment are not stacked (maybe that because there is planned some equipment with very high bonuses, but who knows?) but it would be good to allow stacking of trait bonuses from equipment, at least partially (up to some number, or better from items of...
  7. Vaaclav

    Bad sound of repeating of sound effects of selling/buying/moving

    As items got option to be bought/sold/moved (moved between stash and backpack) not per piece, there came one problem - sound effect of selling/buying is played for each bought/sold/moved piece. And in large amounts it gave very bad effect. So, it would be really good if sound effect would be...
  8. Vaaclav

    Flashes after some actions

    Originally I played on tablet with Android 4.4 (Lenovo A7-40/A7-3500FL) and there it was correct, but on tablet with Android 5.1 (Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8"/YT3-850F) after some actions appear flashes. Those flashes (appearing after actions written below) are so short I cannot recognize anything more...
  9. Vaaclav

    Bregos Greyhand (et co.)

    Long time passed from while I had quest from Bregos Greyhand to bring three troll hides. But as time goes, I think that he would make items of choice repeatedly, instead waiting for implementing of crafting. :arrow: Also Jachimo would make more things (even after filling of quest), not only...
  10. Vaaclav

    Companions' experience

    On wiki is written that if you have companion, you get less of 20% XP than normally. 1. But how much XP companions get? 2. And what is effect of wisdom on XP they get?
  11. Vaaclav

    Town hall quests

    I seems like town hall quests are (finally) generated randomly, as it was announced some time ago - but I found that not in all towns. I see new quests in New Garand, Kingsbridge, Lannegar and New Anthur - but still not in Rhöneis.
  12. Vaaclav

    Shield expert skills points

    I play with Cleric, but I found that warrior Grissenda (with whom I play mostly) did not get skills points back for Shield expert, even if she has learn it on the third level.
  13. Vaaclav

    Rumor without monster?

    Rumor is rumor. There is it is written it has been said that. But how often rumor may be false? I went to verify rumor of dragon, manticore, lich, minotaur - and last time hill giant. And this rumor was false - I did not find monster where it should be. I shall see what I shall see next...
  14. Vaaclav

    Colouring of skills

    Colouring of degrees of skills is simple at the first glance. 1. yellow 2. green 3. blue 4. ? But here is one problem - if skill has only two degrees (like Extra recovery), skill has green background - and it is a bit confusing if it is not final degree. Holy shield has four degrees - but I...
  15. Vaaclav

    Books of necromancy

    Have anyone already found all four books? I have three of them Tolassian Embalming Codex On Imperial Necromancy Vampires, the Myth but I cannot find the last one, of name I don't know.
  16. Vaaclav

    Unexpected behaviour in case of deleting of data

    Android has ability to delete application data - by two ways. 1. In applications list, separatedly for each application 2. Cached data And I found that EK has a strange (unexpected) behaviour in case of doing this. Trait points are reset (like in case of using of training master in guilds)...
  17. Vaaclav

    Two libraries and four books

    I have found three of four books of necromancy. And really, I would like to know where to find rest book and how to increase reputation with Golden hand without giving those books to them.
  18. Vaaclav

    Ideas for various minor improvements

    1. names of permanent stashes in New Garand - they would have real name, instead only ID 2. text after using of any item would not be item lost - but item used; else it is such strange; because losing is real losing (for example if something falls from pocket or if it is stolen; but not if it...
  19. Vaaclav

    Gossips as source of information for regular quests

    As 0.8.956 came, I found that there is possible to get a quest from talking in taverns. There was a chance to get information to object of town hall quest, but still, I cannot get information useful for other quests.
  20. Vaaclav

    Missing globe after paying

    Some time ago, I solved problem with globe for Janod by paying of ten thousand instead giving of globe. I let globe where it was. And after paying, I checked it was still there. But now, long time after that, when I wanted to find what new skills I can learn in from guilds, I found that globe...