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  1. VDX_360

    Replay Value of Exiled Kingdoms?

    This is just my periodic discussion on the replay value of Exiled Kingdoms. I'm in a game funk right now. I've tried a few new games. One game was okay, but has no replay value. A few were just not my thing (required multiplayer, etc). And now I'm about to start a new playthrough of EK. So, I...
  2. VDX_360

    New Achievement Ideas?

    Reputation: 1) National Hero: Reach Legendary Hero status with one kingdom. 2) Hero of the Isle: Reach Hero status with all three kingdoms. 3) Everyone's Hero: Reach Hero status with five factions (kingdoms, groups). Boss Beating: 4) Dreamcatcher: You put a stop to the corrupting dreams of the...
  3. VDX_360

    [Oddity] Extra Lifestone

    The war golem re-spawns with v. 1166, allowing the player to obtain a second war golem (if defeated previously). Given the headaches with the quest in the beta, this could be delibrate to ensure the player gets at least one lifestone? No ill effects other than an extra quest item. Golem does NOT...
  4. VDX_360

    General Tips For Latest Version of the Game (May 2021)

    Developer David announced v. 1.3.1166 is getting released to the general world. Here's some tips to try to get the most out of the new content. 1) Start a new game: Most of the new content fits into the Level 10 to Level 20 range. But, there are some early game choices that can impact the new...
  5. VDX_360

    Holy Cleric / Double Cleric.

    I ran a test of playing a Cleric dedicated to The Three paired with Hirge. No issues to report. Nothing unexpected. Game seems balanced for that pairing. Might made up for limited weapon use in early game, and Battle Prayer tipped the scales for the rest of the game. Flames of Faith and Battle...
  6. VDX_360

    [Map Loading Oddity] No outlaw chief in Safe Passage

    Rack this up to the known map loading oddities. Activating the South Jabal Hills map before activating the quest Safe Passage can result in the Outlaw Chief failing to appear when one re-enters South Jabal Hills. No outlaw chief, no outlaw chief dialogue. The three other outlaws still appear...
  7. VDX_360

    Icon for Companion Cooldown?

    Would it be possible to have on-screen icons for Companion Cooldowns? This might be useful for Adaon's stab, Griss' Resilience, and Hirge's Heal. It might be more trouble than it's worth, and clutter the screen.
  8. VDX_360

    Playthrough Discussion: Holy Cleric / Double Cleric In The Three

    General Build: Summoner / Party Support Cleric in guild The Three paired with Hirge RPG Style: Loyal to the ideas of The Three (uphold laws, hate undead). My Clerics tend to be warrior Clerics with high STR, Duel and in the Warrior's Guild. This playthrough (spinning off from @Sitdownkid 's...
  9. VDX_360

    [Maybe bug?] Hirge didn't get Trait point at Level up?

    Do Companions get 1 Trait point and 1 Skill point at every level up? Upon reaching Level 7, Hirge got a Skill point, but no Trait point. Loaded a few times to check a few things. Couldn't find anything? So do Companions get 1 Trait point and 1 Skill point at every level up, or is there an...
  10. VDX_360

    [Bug] Double pelt drop (Reliably recreated)

    @DavidBVal : I have a save file in which a wolf drops two pelts, both a Prefect Pelt and a Damaged Pelt. Still trying to track down that oddity? In the save file, there are three wolves just north of the player. One of the three has dropped both pelt types on a dozen file loads. I think it's...
  11. VDX_360

    [Bug] 20+ hits from medical enhancement if unarmed

    If you go for the second medical enhancement while unarmed AND with Mage Barrier active, your character gets hit with 20 separate shock attacks plus the toxic attack. Was able to reliably re-create. Toyed around with various equipment combinations, active skills, poison resistance levels, etc...
  12. VDX_360

    [Oddity] Can't recruit mercenary with active summoned creature

    I noticed a party can't recruit a Mercenary when a Summoned Creature is active. A party can summon a Summoned Creature after a Mercenary is recruited. This likely doesn't come up very often because Mercenaries tend to be recruited in towns, and Summons tend to be used in Dungeons.
  13. VDX_360

    [Bug] Scroll of Restoration getting having no effect

    Twice in a row, the Circle of Restoration was used but had no effect. The scroll was consumed and mana was used but the Main Character wasn' t healed and the Companion was not woken up from being unconscious. This is a rare issue that's been reported infrequently. First time it's been observed...
  14. VDX_360

    Prodigal Daughter Does NOT trigger late game

    Prodigal Daughter only triggers when Shards of Fate is active. Thus, you can't trigger it after completing Shards of Fate. As soon as the 12th shard is put into the mirror, you loose the ability to start the quest. You can't fight the Flame Prophet, either, as that dialog option appears during...
  15. VDX_360

    2-H STR / END Build w/Adaon

    Just to mix it up, I tried a 2-H Warrior STR / END Build with Adaon (on Normal). It started off as a way to test out the availability of 2-H weapons in the game, and grew from there. Note, it was an extreme STR / END Build. Only trait points invested in STR and END. That limits quest options and...
  16. VDX_360

    Message In Bottle (enemies poof away)

    Doesn't break quest so more of an oddity than a bug? After confronting the kidnappers with the suspicious bottle, the kidnappers fight you. But, if you run from the fight and stay at an Inn, the kidnappers poof away. The journal says you still need to flight them but they're are gone. You can...
  17. VDX_360

    Is Exiled Kingdoms Undervalued?

    First, be mindful of the forum rules that prohibits discussing Exiled Kingdoms' pricing / begging for discounts. Given the ongoing COVID-19 challenge, I've had way too much time indoors. That's resulted in a -cough- few -cough- game purchases, including a few in the $40 to $60 (US dollar)...
  18. VDX_360

    COVID-19 and the future of the Invisible Swamp Donkey?

    Just out of curiosity, whose wearing a mask these days? And if Developer David gets ill, who takes over the development of either Archaelund, or Exiled Kingdoms? Oh, don't mistake my question for emotional concern. I just need to know if the habitat for the Invisible Swamp Donkey will be...
  19. VDX_360

    In-game achievements (open discussion)

    Q: Are in-game achievements useful for tracking how players interact with a game? I recently started using my desktop to play the game via Steam, which automatically tracks and posts in-game achievements. Steam also has the achievement notice flashing if less than 10% of players earned that...
  20. VDX_360

    Really unique, but cool hiccup

    Kind of a major one for the five people on the planet that it might apply to... sending David a PM because it allows a Mage to have unlimited skill points???