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  1. whitehawk

    The Kingdom of Circle

    I have started a fantasy story The Kingdom of Circle here - TKOC is updated every Friday at 9 PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Please enjoy, Gavin.
  2. whitehawk

    Classic retro-style PC games by locomalito I have played a few of these and they are awesome FREE retro style games. Locomalito is another games programmer who has a true love of classic retro style games. It is refreshing coming across game designers who respect the art of games and locomalito is one. I...
  3. whitehawk

    Dog owners

    Any dog owners here ? What is his/her name, breed and name your pet's best qualities. Chester, Golden Retriever X Standard Poodle, big ol' goofball but also intelligent and loves swimming at the beach. I suspect thinks he is a Dire Wolf though he is all bark and no bite.